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Marjorie Lee White MD, MPPM, MA

Dr. White is currently an Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Medical Education, University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is Assistant Dean for Clinical Simulation, School of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Vice President of Clinical Simulation, UAB Health System. She currently serves as the director of the UAB Office of Interprofessional Simulation. She has been a member of SSH for 8 years. Her professional interests include faculty development, procedural training and interprofessionalism in simulation. She can be reached via email

Vice Chair
Daniel Lemke, MD 

Dan serves as the vice-chair of the SSH Pediatric Section and has been a member of SSH since 2011.  His simulation interests center around training interprofessional teams in pediatric resuscitation and currently focuses on the use of Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice. He also serves as the simulation co-director for the Emergency Medicine section and the pediatric resident simulation director at Texas Children’s Hospital, in Houston, Texas where he works as an attending in the Emergency Center.  He can be reached at

Pediatric Section

Marjorie White

Vice Chair:
Daniel Lemke

 Welcome to Pediatrics Section Homepage

The Pediatric SIG became a Section in January 2014.

1. Continue relationship with simulation industry partners to improve simulation technology for pediatric specific
2. Work to improve opportunities for research and scholarship dissemination for pediatric simulationists


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