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SSH promotes improvements in simulation technology, educational methods, practitioner assessment, to promote patient safety. Simulation in Healthcare, a bi-monthly journal, provides updates, insights and exploration of key and emerging topics in healthcare simulation. Sample articles include:

April 2015

  • Co-debriefing for Simulation-based Education: A Primer for Facilitators. Cheng, Adam MD, FRCPC, FAAP; Palaganas, Janice PhD, RN, NP; Eppich, Walter MD, MEd; Rudolph, Jenny PhD; Robinson, Traci RN, BN; Grant, Vincent MD, FRCPC.   
  • Teamwork Skills in Actual, In Situ, and In-Center Pediatric Emergencies: Performance Levels Across Settings and Perceptions of Comparative Educational ImpactCouto, Thomaz Bittencourt MD, CHSE; Kerrey, Benjamin T. MD, MS; Taylor, Regina G. MA, CCRP; FitzGerald, Michael PhD; Geis, Gary L. MD. 
  • Simulated Patients’ Perspectives of and Perceived Role in Medical Students’ Professional Identity DevelopmentMcLean, Michelle PhD, MEd; Johnson, Patricia RN, PhD; Sargeant, Sally PhD, CPsychol; Green, Patricia RN, RM, MAdvPrac(Res) 
  • An Evaluation of the Use of Deliberate Practice and Simulation to Train Interns in Requesting Blood ProductsJoyce, Kenneth M. MD; Byrne, Dara MD; O’Connor, Paul PhD; Lydon, Sinéad M. MSc, PhD; Kerin, Michael J. MD

February 2015

  • A Review of the Use of Simulation in Dental EducationPerry, Suzanne; Bridges, Susan Margaret; Burrow, Michael Francis
  • Advancing Surgical Simulation in Gynecologic Oncology: Robotic Dissection of a Novel Pelvic Lymphadenectomy Model. Kiely, Daniel J. MDCM; Gotlieb, Walter H. MD, PhD; Jardon, Kris MD, MSc; Lau, Susie MD; Press, Joshua Z. MD, MSc
  • Development of a Novel Task Trainer for Second Trimester Ultrasound-guided Uterine Evacuation.
    Shumard, Kristina M. MD; Akoma, Ugochi N. MD; Street, Linda M. MD; Brost, Brian C. MD; Nitsche, Joshua F. MD, PhD. 
  • A Robust and Inexpensive Phantom for Fluoroscopically Guided Lumbar Puncture Training. Faulkner, Austin R. MD; Bourgeois, Austin C. MD; Bradley, Yong C. MD; Pasciak, Alexander S. PhD. 

February 2013 White Paper

Advance Interprofessional Education and Practice Through Simulation (pdf)
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