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2020 Board of Directors - Elections Closed

Board of Directors Elections voting has closed. The membership will be notified shortly.

As a member of SSH you have the opportunity to vote for the 2020 Board of Directors. You may vote for the President-ElectTreasurer and Director at Large. Each candidate has submitted a CV and statement of interest in the position to help you make an informed decision. Please review each candidate carefully before casting your vote. 

SSH is your Society. Exercise your right to vote and continue to promote the Society as an interprofessional leader that advances the application of simulation in healthcare through global engagement.

The deadline for voting is: Friday, August 30th at 4:59pm eastern

TO VOTE: You must be an SSH Member to vote. Check your email for your unique voting link. If you did not receive it or would like to receive it again, please email

Thank you for your participation; please send your questions about the election to:

Slated Nominees

President Elect

Ron Levy


I have been involved in simulation since 2001 and have served as a co-chair of IMSH 2012, an at-large member of the Board of Directors and chaired the Website committee.  Currently I am on the Education Committee. In 2016, I was inducted as an inaugural fellow in the SSH Academy and currently serve as their Chair.

I see the Society through two different lenses. First what can we do for our current and new members to give them value for their membership. Second, what can we do, as a Society, at the national/international level to shine the spotlight on how simulation can improve healthcare around the world.

First, we need to offer content to our members (especially those members on limited budgets). This content could come in the form of vetted online videos from our meetings (I chair the education subcommittee working on this) but also in more innovative ways such as live-interactive video conferences with recognized experts in the field. I would love to explore these and other innovative ways to engage our members and possibly provide other sources of income for the Society. Diversifying our income streams is even more important as we start leveling off the number of people attending the convention.

Second, we need to leverage our multidisciplinary expertise to make the case to CEOs, politicians and the public about the patient safety advantages of simulation. This might come in the form of developing a public relations office that creates opportunities for our spokespeople (e.g. SSH fellows) to speak with the media about ways simulation can impact their lives.

As your President-elect. I pledge to work tirelessly to continue advancing our mission and the interdisciplinary collaboration that has been a cornerstone of our society as we continue to grow and evolve in the years to come.

Juli Maxworthy


Hello Simulation Colleagues!

As my current term as Director at Large for the Board of Directors (BOD) and previous one as Secretary of SSH will be completed by IMSH 2020, I am seeking the President-Elect position.

During my time on the BOD, I have had the privilege of facilitating key board activities. In 2017, I was honored to be inducted into the inaugural class of the SSH Fellows Academy.

As a current board member, I am acutely aware that we are a “membership organization” that needs to find innovative ways to provide value. The mission and strategic initiatives provide our roadmap to the future as a Society and a field.  My vision for the future of SSH is to continue to increase opportunities for professional development for our members.

As an Associate Professor at the University of San Francisco. I serve as Chair of our Simulation Committee providing oversight of our accredited program. I spent 20 years in critical care, transitioning to quality/patient safety and now academia. My last service position was Vice President of Quality/Risk.  These roles have provided me the skills necessary to be successful as President-Elect.

My SSH involvement has included:

  • Director, SSH Board of Directors, (2019-2020)
  • Secretary, SSH Board of Directors (2017-2019)
  • Fellow, SSH Academy (inaugural class 2017)
  • Chair, Service to the Society, SSH Academy (2017-present)
  • Board Liaison, Accreditation Council (2019-2020)
  • Board of Review member, Accreditation Council (2017-present)
  • Appointed Lead, Interorganizational Taskforce (2018-present)
  • Board Liaison, Education Committee (2017-2019)
  • Chair of the Accreditation Committee (2015-2017)
  • Presenter at IMSH (2010-present) and SimOps (2019)
  • Accreditation Reviewer (2010-present)
  • Author and co-editor for Healthcare Simulation Program Builder (2015)
  • Author and co-editor for the SSH textbook Defining Excellence in Simulation Programs (2014)
  • Content Lead, IMSH meetings (2015-2018)

Hope I can count on your vote!



Jayne Smitten


My SSH vision for healthcare simulation incorporates action in:

1) supporting exploration, scholarship and discovery of product development;

2) re-inspiring interprofessional possibilities, fostering integration of other disciplines;

3) streamlining and further advocating for the accreditation and credentialing processes;

4) pursuing further sustenance and innovation in simulation healthcare career development.

I caught the bug. I was first introduced to the world of simulation by a visionary emergency physician in Canada many years ago. His vision affected many. The result was my appointment as inaugural Regional Director to the first Telehealth and Simulation Center, Western Canada. I was compelled to attend my first simulation conference under the auspices of anaesthesiology.

Experiences are valuable...they don’t grow old. I have served in various academic leadership roles internationally (Canada, US, Middle East) for several universities. I have also served in SSH leadership connecting with SSH members. All these events have contributed to my passion for healthcare simulation. ‘SIMspiration’ continues. The infinite potential in career development, research and discoveries of new products and methodologies is profound.

Reaching out...we need more forums. As a re-inspired interprofessional enthusiast, we have successfully tailored our simulation education approach in nursing, public health and social work to Pacific Islander and Hawai’ian populations. As an ardent advocate of augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, modeling and gaming, we need more ways to enhance our simulation pathways in the future.

Support from my university...and you. Working closely with the SSH Board, Staff and, most importantly, You the members, the SSH President-Elect’s role is to continue stretching our impact within the global communities. If elected SSH President-Elect, with your help, I vow I will be responsive and commit my time, skills and energy towards the future of this progressive society. It would be an honor to serve the SSH in this capacity. Please vote Jayne Smitten


Jennifer Calzada


I have past Board experience for a humanitarian and disaster relief NGO and an AIDS/LGBTQ charity, which included being the only female Board Chair to date for an 35+ year nonprofit, I also previously served as Treasurer for this organization.

The Treasurer is not only a member of the Society’s Board of Directors, but Chairs the Finance & Audit Committee. I have been a member of this committee since 2016 and served in the role of Vice Chair since 2017. This experience has given me some insight into the role of Treasurer. Boards require individuals that not only can lead the strategic direction and policy making of the organization, but who can do so in a highly collaborative manner. As the founding Director of Tulane simulation program, I have experience creating all of the organization policies and protocols, crafting program mission, and planning strategic direction. However, even the strongest individual members can become ineffective with poor teamwork and collaboration among board members.

I have been a TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer since 2010, and as part of a multi-institution and interprofessional team, have taught more than 1400 people to work in effective teams and improve communications. These are critical skills for Board members and I believe my experience with team training and practice within my own simulation program will provide an effective launching pad to contribute as a collaborative Board member and officer for the Society.

John O'Donnell


My vision for the future of SSH is that of financial stability, ongoing responsiveness to the needs of our members and maintenance of our position as the leading international simulation society. My healthcare career spans more than thirty years and many roles including bedside nurse, CRNA, University Professor and Associate Director of a large simulation center. I first joined the simulation movement in 1994 with little appreciation for how this educational approach would change my career and the face of healthcare education. I continue my work as a simulation leader, administrator, educator and scholar because I enjoy both the challenges and rewards of working in this highly specialized educational domain. I have served SSH in a number of positions over the years including Co‐Chair of IMSH and my current role as Vice‐Chair of the Meetings Oversight Committee.

I am a good choice for the position of Treasurer for a number of reasons. First, I am committed to the success of SSH as demonstrated through years of service to the Society. Second, my varied roles in simulation have helped me to develop a deep appreciation for the needs of our membership that I can convey to the Board during our discussions. Finally, I bring multiple skills to the position including financial acumen, budgetary experience as a Department Chair and Treasurer of a large nursing organization, service on state and national Boards and a good understanding of the importance of budgetary process and oversight to the overall health of a Society.

Director At Large

Aaron Calhoun


My name is Aaron W. Calhoun and I am a pediatric critical care physician at the University of Louisville and Norton Children’s Hospital, where I direct the SPARC Simulation Program.  Simulation has been my professional field since I completed training, and I was fortunate to become involved early with the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).  Within SSH, I have served multiple terms as the IMSH Scientific Contents Chair and recently chaired the Research Core Committee.  I am also co-chair of INSPIRE, co-founder the International Simulation Data Registry (ISDR) and an Associate Editor for Simulation in Healthcare.  In 2017, I was inducted into the SSH Fellows Academy.

Within simulation, my primary interests lie in the domains of research and scholarship.  While these domains are occasionally seen as relatively separate aspects of our field, in reality they are deeply connected to our daily educational activities.  Without the discoveries and innovations that arise from such scholarly activity many accepted standards for simulation-based education (such as crisis resource management, just-in-time training, and advocacy-inquiry style debriefing among others) would never have come into use.  Connections such as this extend throughout our community, going beyond research, scholarship, and education to link all aspects of what we do.

If elected, I will work to assure that vibrant and robust spaces continue to grow within the society for researchers, scholars, technology developers, educators, and the rest of the myriad communities that comprise our field.  I will also continue to promote stronger connections between these spaces so that the knowledge and experience created within them can be integrated with the ongoing efforts of SSH, empowering us all to make real differences in our patient’s lives.   My ultimate vision is a society that serves as an enduring professional home for the worldwide simulation community and all of its components.

Jared Kutzin


The Society for Simulation in Healthcare should continue to be a leader of simulation globally. The SSH Strategic Plan is slated to expire in 2020 and a new one will need to be created. Imagining how simulation can continue to push the boundaries of healthcare is where I see SSH moving to in the next 3 years. We have kept Augmented and Virtual Reality at bay, but their use will only continue to grow in the coming years. We need to be more inclusive of these simulation modalities and engage with innovators and startup companies internationally to help foster the growth of these technologies in healthcare and invite them to join our community. I see SSH as a society continuing to implement certification, accreditation, and other credentialing programs over the next 5 years to cement our role as the go-to society for these programs. Finally, SSH has been the leader of simulation for the past two decades. We must continually redefine ourselves and push to make high quality simulation accessible to all healthcare educators and learners around the world. There are still tens of thousands of healthcare providers around the world not being educated or assessed using simulation. We as a society need to make high quality simulation education accessible to everyone.

Hani Lababidi


SSH is becoming an International Society and I envision a great burst in the accreditation and certification business to our society in the years to come. Markets like India, China and Middle East are great potentials for SSH. We began to see this kind of interest, that I think will increase exponentially. I herby present my interest in joining the SSH Board hoping to bring to the table new ideas, in-depth contributions and the international flavor.

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