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David Escobar, CHSOS

How did you get into healthcare simulation?

I have always been passionate about healthcare education throughout my career. I was a skills instructor for an EMT Program, and while working as an Emergency Department Technician I took on numerous projects involving improving CPR for cardiac arrest and incorporating new equipment and technologyDavid Escobar into the emergency department. When Pomona Valley Hospital formed a simulation program, I was asked to become the Simulation Specialist. When I begin my career in Healthcare Simulation I was excited to be taking on a new challenge and a new career. My understanding of Healthcare Simulation would grow substantially over the next few years. I was able to connect with numerous organizations and individuals that provided me with answers and guidance to make sure I was successful in my position.

What do you like most about healthcare simulation?

Working in Healthcare Simulation allows me to have a direct impact on improving communication and teamwork within the healthcare field. What we do in simulation have direct results on patient care being given at the bedside, this makes my job very rewarding. Healthcare Simulation is a continuously growing field, which provides greater opportunities for advancement in the future. This job also allows me to work with cutting edge technology and simulators. Working in a hospital-based simulation program also permits me to work with numerous departments and staff increasing my knowledge of healthcare as a whole.

What is most challenging about healthcare simulation?

The most challenging part I believe is breaking down barriers and exposing staff to the idea of new opportunities for learning and training. Change is always CHSOSdifficult, regardless if the change is for the better. Being able to successfully institute change is a challenge in Healthcare Simulation. Many factors contribute to the challenges we all face working in Healthcare and through simulation we are able to change how we communicate and how we work as a team.

With the knowledge gained through becoming certified, how has this transformed and benefited your work as a healthcare simulationist?

Having the certification adds value to my position and my professional development. It shows staff and the community that I have taken the extra step to pursue higher job training and knowledge in my field. Receiving the CHSOS certification shows my commitment to not only the understanding the technologyI'm a Member aspect of simulation but also a commitment to healthcare education. The Society for Simulation in Healthcare is an Internationally recognized organization for Healthcare Simulation. Receiving the only certification available to Simulation Specialist is a testament to how much our position has grown, and will continue to grow and evolve in the years to come.

What do you do in healthcare simulation?

(my involvement in 3d printing)


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