Credentialing Oversight Commission



Janice Palaganas, PhD, RN, NP, ANEF



Dr. Palaganas is an emergency nurse and nurse practitioner with two masters in nursing from the University of Pennsylvania and a doctorate of philosophy from Loma Linda University where she studied healthcare simulation as a platform for interprofessional education. She was the implementing director of accreditation and certification for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and continues as a member of the Board of Review for the Council for Accreditation of Healthcare Programs. Dr. Palaganas has experience as faculty for schools of nursing, public health, business administration, emergency medicine and medicine. She has been involved nationally and internationally researching healthcare simulation for interprofessional education and has been an invited speaker on topics related to interprofessional education, debriefing, healthcare simulation, program development, patient safety, and accreditation.

Vice Chair

Mary Anne Rizzolo

Dr. Rizzolo’s exploration into simulation began in the 1980’s when she designed and developed interactive patient case study simulations using an Apple II and a Sony Betamax video player. She pioneered the development of interactive videodisc programs that won national and international awards. During her tenure at the National League for Nursing she was the staff liaison for all simulation projects  – the research project led by Pam Jeffries (2003-2006), the SIRC development project, the ACES unfolding cases, vSim projects, and the project to explore the use of simulation for high stakes assessment.  She is the founder of the Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators, has delivered numerous national & international presentations, authored articles and book chapters on use of technology in nursing, and served on many national committees and advisory boards including the SSH Board of Directors.  Dr. Rizzolo maintains an active consulting practice that includes managing several simulation projects.


Credentialing Oversight Commission

The Credentialing Oversight Commission shall be responsible for advancing the Society’s credentialing products and services through the synergistic development of strategies, analyses, efficiencies, quality control, and cross promotional activities. The Credentialing Oversight Commission shall be responsible for overseeing the work of the Certification Council, Accreditation Council, and Society for Simulation in Healthcare Academy, so that all requisite compliance, regulatory and quality standards are met and maintained.


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