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 I hope everyone enjoyed a rich and robust experience at the IMSH.  It is hard to believe that was a month ago!  

 We formally rolled out our Fellowship Standards, this is a huge addition to our accreditation process and hope to announce next year the programs who successfully became accredited with their Fellowship Program.  Additionally, last week we launched our Accreditation On-Line course.  Driven by a team of energetic and efficient members of our reviewers team, led by Alaina Harrington, this program is an outstanding method to get hands on experience in developing your accreditation submission.  Last week was full of interactive activities that the course participants from all over were able to work on their mission / vision statements in real time with peer feedback.  Everyone was engaged and the course was fully subscribed with a wait list of over fifteen additional people.  More courses will be opened up soon.

We are undertaking the enormous task of reviewing and updating the Accreditation standards.  Every five years, our Council reviews each and every standard to assure relevance, relatability, and reliability in responses.  Our course of action will be driven by this deep dive into the process improvement to assure our accreditation stays relevant.  If you have suggestions, updates and / or are interested in participating in this activity, please let us know, we need everyone’s input on this important project.

We are looking to the future to recognize additional programs, reaccredit current programs and help our provisional programs become accredited.  Thank you for remaining in our family of accredited programs, we appreciate you!

Subcommittee Update - Reviewer Training

New Reviewer Training and Advanced Reviewer Training

The Accreditation Council members and several other accreditors provided Accreditation Reviewer Training courses at IMSH 2020.  On Saturday, the council held a Basic Reviewer Training that focused on reviewers new to the organization and the process.  Sunday was the Advanced Reviewer, in which a few “curveballs” were thrown into the “simulated” site review.  Each course was 4-hours. The participants were provided materials ahead of time to prepare.  Council members and senior reviewers played the roles of the staff of the simulated program.

The value of this training is to improve interrater reliability of our reviewer teams as well as creating a formal onboarding process for new reviewers. During the training, there were many opportunities to ask questions, discuss documentation, and dialog the more challenging situations that may arise during a site review.

The learner feedback was extremely positive especially for the newer reviewers.  A few of the comments include:

What reviewers had to say about the training…

The training is invaluable for me as a reviewer. The training allows me to consider different scenarios that I may encounter while preparing me to communicate with sites when there may be questions or I may need more data to make a clear decision. 

Looking around the room, there are hundreds of years of experience here to help me be the best reviewer I can be.  I feel much more confident in going on site reviews now. Kudos to the council!

The training gave me confidence to speak up if I am concerned about a site and the lead and I may have different opinions.

I appreciate the effort of the team to construct a simulation of an accreditation site visit.  Even as an experienced accreditation site visitor, I still learn from the group discussion and Pearls shared by the facilitators. 

I want to thank the leaders of the accreditation council for an amazing training session this year at IMSH. It was great to work closely with the accreditation Team Leads simulating a site review. The team provided the group with difficult questions a well as supported opportunities to discuss responses and explore opportunities for learning! 

I found the training quite helpful.  It is easy, when reviewing the paperwork, to think that everything looks to be in order.  It was very clear when we did on "on-site" interview that there were major gaps in the program.  Our simulated participants were excellent in both their portrayal of the site leadership, as well as their feedback to each of the trainees.

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New Fellowship Standards

SSH Accreditation will be adding a new optional area to the SSH Accreditation standards.  Coming soon, organizations will be able to become accredited in their Simulation Fellowship Programs.

Revised Confidentiality Agreements

In the upcoming months, SSH will be pushing out a revised version of the confidentiality agreements to all Council members, reviewers, and committee members.  This revision is part of an ongoing quality assurance process to better align the organization with best practice.  Once this document is disseminated, it will need to be reviewed and signed by all.  More information will be dispersed through your various committees and SSH.  If you have any questions, please contact Kristyn (

Accreditation Going Electronic

Over the past year, the SSH Accreditation has been working with the folks at WizeHive to integrate the paper application and review process into a fully personalized  Accreditation Management System (AMS) .  This platform will allow sites to apply for accreditation online and the reviewers will complete the reviews online through the platform.  In addition to saving some trees, the platform will enable the staff and reviewers to easily review the applications and make comments.  The reviewer team will even submit their review documents online.  For the staff, the AMS will help to automate actions, keep track of data, and enable more accurate reporting. The Wizehive AMS is being built and tested; there will be a few beta sites to fine-tune the software. More information will be forthcoming pertaining to training, rollout, and implementation. If you have any questions, please contact Kristyn  (

Picture1637002785469041351 Full Accreditation

Provisional Accreditation

Sim Center Directory

The Accreditation News is a product of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare by the members of the Accreditation Council.

If you would like to contribute to Accreditation News or have an idea, please contact

Program of the Quarter


Imagine you are a young veterinarian in eastern Washington state, and you have been called to assess and treat an ailing cow on a 100-acre farm.The owners run a business with approximately 40 head of cattle, and the sick cow is in active labor but is not progressing through to delivery. You have come alone and the rancher is seeking your expertise in a critical situation that you have learned about in school, but have never done in practice up to this point. Your actions are predicated on your ability to summon the knowledge you gained from classes and your limited clinical experience.

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Reviewer of the Month


Vermont is a beautiful place. Home to quant little villages surrounded by rolling hills dotted with small dairy farms, and dense forests that produce brilliant foliage right around this time of year. People from all over the world come to Vermont to see the autumn spectacle.

Vermont is also home to one of the country’s most prominent simulationists and experts on the standardized patient methodologies, Doctor Cate Nicholas, EdD, MS, PA. Among her many accomplishment and accolades, Dr. Nicholas has now been named Reviewer of the Quarter by the Accreditation Council for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. And while not a native of Vermont, she has made a home for herself and her family in Burlington and works for the University of Vermont and is the Director of Operations for the Fletcher Allen Health Care Clinical Simulation Laboratory.

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