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We hope this new communique is an exciting addition to the Accreditation Community of which you are a part of!  Friends, 

   Many thanks to Keith Beaulieu, JJ Jaegar and Deb Tauber for the outstanding way they have constructed this newsletter.  Their highlights are a wonderful addition to our Accreditation Communique. 

   We continue to forge forward in so many areas.  We held a Face To Face in August where we were able to review our progress on many fronts including the Wisehive on-line application process, which is nearing completion as we speak.  We hope to go live in January 2020 with an on-line application process.  This will streamline much of what we do on a day-to-day basis.  We also covered a number standing activities to enhance our training for our accreditation  reviewers.  A call for new reviewers will be going out later this month.

   Our On-Line course will go live in February 2020 with each of our modules available in our Moodle Course.  These modules are targeting folks who are preparing to apply (or reapply) for accreditation and will help folks understand the standards that are in place.

   We now have a “working document” of standards for the accreditation of Fellowship Programs.  If you are currently accredited, you are eligible to apply mid-cycle to have your Simulation Fellowship Program accredited by SSH. 

   Please feel free to reach out to me with your suggestions and ideas to improve the Accreditation process, we always want to hear from our constituency. 

   Thank you for being a part of our growing community, we appreciate you.

Dawn M Schocken

Chair, SSH Accreditation Council



IMSH 2020 (January 18-20, 2020)    

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New Reviewer Training

NEW REVIEWER training that encompasses Core and 1-2 other areas from a sample application.   Reviewers will get to decide if the criteria is met and be able to have discussions with team leads and other seasoned reviewers.

Date: January 18, Saturday

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Reviewer Training Part 2

This will be for EVERYONE that is a current reviewer. During this training, reviewers will get to review a Program that will apply for C-T,A, S, F. We will be discussing the new Fellowship Standards.

Date: January 19, Sunday

Time: 8am – 12:30pm

Accreditation Exemplary Practices Panel

Date: January 20, Monday

Time: 12pm – 1:15pm

Accreditation Top 10

Date: January 21, Tuesday

Time: 12pm – 1:15pm

The Risk Management Sub Committee has expanded we would like to welcome two new members Greg Gilbert and Keith Beaulieu. We look forward to working with them to mitigate Accreditation review risks.

The team worked on two new documents. Stay tuned, they are on their way to you. The first is a revision of the conflict of interest form. Accreditation Reviewers will complete this form annually. Recognizing that Accreditation Reviewers job roles are expanding, SSIH wants to make sure that when assigning reviewers there is no conflict or perceived conflict of interest.

A new policy is on its way, the Recording Policy for all accreditation review meetings. As a way of mitigating risk, SSIH asks that all accreditation review meetings must be recorded. The recording will live in DropBox until a Board of Review decision is made, whether to grant accreditation or until the appeal process is complete.

On August 15th and 16th, several of the Accreditation Council members met for a face to face meeting to discuss accreditation business. New changes will be coming from the various committees within the council. Some of them include;

  • The Accreditation Coordinator will not be on all reviewer calls and we will use Zoom the Audio Video (AV) solution for recording to improve clarification and standardization. The Coordinator will be on first call to assist with all logistics, concerns, and travel and then again on the third call. All three calls will be AV recorded for future reference as needed and then destroyed after it has been determined they are no longer needed. In the event a program challenges a Board Decision regarding their accreditation final decision, the recordings can be used for review of actual discussions.
  • The group looked at the new platform Wizehive and discussed the features We will be using some trial applications for a soft launch with the May applications. In December of 2020, all applications will be entered through the Wizehive platform. The platform is designed to create a streamline process for Programs to apply and a more standardized way for reviewers to address Conflict of interest (COI). All reviewers will need to sign the COI annually in the Wizehive platform. In the event of an actual COI, the reviewer will then need to complete a COI management plan document.
  • Reviewer training dates and times were determined for IMSH- Saturday afternoon from 1-5 will be for new reviewers and Sunday Morning 8-12:30 for current reviewers. There will be a Wizehive overview at the meeting.
  • The group reviewed the newly authored Fellowship standards. A few programs will be Beta testing this in the near future.

The Accreditation News is a product of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare by the members of the Accreditation Council.

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Program of the Month


METS Center

In the province of Ultrecht, Netherlands, surrounded by lush, pine forests rests the quaint Dutch village of Bilthoven. Part of the municipality of De Bilt (famously the ancestral home of the Vanderbilt family), Bilthoven is also the home of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare’s first fully accredited simulation program in Europe. The Medical Training & Simulation (or METS) Center gained its accreditation from SSH in April of this year, and has been named the Program of the Quarter by the Accreditation Council.

The METS Center is led by Executive Director Dr. Ron Brendal. “We are very excited to be a part of SSH and are honored to collaborate on the first web journal,” says Dr. Brendal. ““This recognition leads to a strengthening of the national and international position of the METS Center, so we are thrilled.”

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Reviewer of the Month


Bob Kerner sim room standing 2019

The story on the early years of Long Island’s renown simulation jewel now known as the Patient Safety Institute is relatively similar to that of many other simulation centers across the country. A former administrator for the Northwell Health System said “oh, we should do simulation, and then in late 2006 somebody found some money to buy a simulator,” recalls Dr. Robert Kerner.  “We borrowed a delivery room in one of our hospitals, and away we went doing simulation.” Since that time, Dr. Kerner has led the Institute in developing a 20-bed, interprofessional facility that houses high-fidelity simulation for a 23-hospital health system that is accredited in all areas by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.  And Dr. Kerner has seen and done it all in the decade and a half since then.


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New Fellowship Standards

SSH Accreditation will be adding a new optional area to the SSH Accreditation standards.  Coming soon, organizations will be able to become accredited in their Simulation Fellowship Programs.

Revised Confidentiality Agreements

In the upcoming months, SSH will be pushing out a revised version of the confidentiality agreements to all Council members, reviewers, and committee members.  This revision is part of an ongoing quality assurance process to better align the organization with best practice.  Once this document is disseminated, it will need to be reviewed and signed by all.  More information will be dispersed through your various committees and SSH.  If you have any questions, please contact Kristyn (

Accreditation Going Electronic

Over the past year, the SSH Accreditation has been working with the folks at WizeHive to integrate the paper application and review process into a fully personalized  Accreditation Management System (AMS) .  This platform will allow sites to apply for accreditation online and the reviewers will complete the reviews online through the platform.  In addition to saving some trees, the platform will enable the staff and reviewers to easily review the applications and make comments.  The reviewer team will even submit their review documents online.  For the staff, the AMS will help to automate actions, keep track of data, and enable more accurate reporting. The Wizehive AMS is being built and tested; there will be a few beta sites to fine-tune the software. More information will be forthcoming pertaining to training, rollout, and implementation. If you have any questions, please contact Kristyn  (

Picture1637002785469041351 Full Accreditation

Provisional Accreditation

Sim Center Directory

The Accreditation News is a product of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare by the members of the Accreditation Council.

If you would like to contribute to Accreditation News or have an idea, please contact

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