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Call for Educational Course Proposals

Deadline:  Monday, June 11, 2018

5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Educational Presentation Options



Saturday and Sunday, January 26 – 27, 2019 and Wednesday, January 30, 2019



The Pre- and Post-conference Workshops are four hours in duration and offer participants an intensive and comprehensive learning experience on a topic of importance in simulation today.  Accepted sessions must combine several learning formats to meet the needs of a varied array of learners.  Interactivity and learner participation is required for these courses. The MAJORITY of the proposed pre- or post-conference workshop must be interactive in nature, giving attendees a chance to practice, discuss and problem-solve.  Workshops requiring extensive simulation equipment and facilities may be held at San Antonio area simulation centers.

ELECTRONIC COURSE MATERIALS:  Pre- and Post-conference workshops must include electronic, enduring material, such as a manual or handbook.  A comprehensive description and/or example of the proposed enduring material must be submitted with the proposal.  A submission in this category will NOT be reviewed if a description of the enduring material hasn’t been submitted.  The Society will distribute these materials to attendees enrolled in the course via electronic format.  SSH will NOT produce these materials in printed form.  Production costs for printed materials will be at the expense of the Course Director.

POSSIBILITY OF COURSE CANCELLATION:  Courses for which an enrollment of eight (8) attendees hasn’t been reached 30 days prior to the course date is subject to cancellation.  Course Directors of affected courses will be notified NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 27, 2018 should the course be cancelled.  SSH will not assume liability for travel change fees associated with Course Director/Faculty travel affected by the cancellation decision.

REGISTRATION FOR ALL PRE- and POST-CONFERENCE FACULTY:  All presenters of accepted Pre- and Post-conference content at IMSH 2019 MUST register for the ENTIRE meeting.  Registration for a one-day pass is not acceptable. Course faculty are encouraged to register prior to the Early Bird deadline of November 15, 2018.


Monday – Wednesday, January 28 – 30, 2019


Debate in Simulation (60 minutes)

The Debate in Simulation features two or three debaters who hold clearly differing points of view on the main topic. The debate should be moderated by a chairperson with a prepared set of questions. Half of the presentation time should be devoted to audience participation in the debate. Submitters should identify the topic, why the topic is of interest to the healthcare simulation community, and the contrasting positions of the debaters.


Panel Presentation (60 minutes)

The Panel Presentation focuses on a key issue in simulation today and features a moderator and multiple panel members involved in a discussion that invites participation from the audience. At least 15 minutes of audience participation is required. It is recommended that presenters engage the audience as soon as the introduction and opening questions are completed. The submitter is responsible for coordinating all electronic presentations from panel members in advance. PowerPoint, video and other media are welcomed, but presentation must include some degree of interactivity with the audience.


Podium Presentation (15 or 30 minutes)

Traditional lecture presentation by one speaker meant to share recent findings and information. Topics to include new ideas, innovative concepts, recent findings, methodologies, exemplars, tools, and research results. Question & Answer period of 5-10 minutes is required. Lectures may be combined into a larger moderated presentation with others on like topics. PowerPoint, video and other media are welcomed, but presentation must include some degree of interactivity with the audience.

Workshop (60 or 90 minutes)

Workshops are interactive sessions that begin with explanatory or introductory information and then move on to involve the audience in some type of interactive, participatory activity.  Workshops are particularly well suited for demonstrations, role play, learning new skills or procedures, problem-solving discussions, testing best practices, and comparing and contrasting educational approaches, scenarios, courses and curriculum. Workshops should engage multiple faculty to help keep the content highly interactive and personal. At least 50% of the instructional timeline must show interactivity between faculty and learner. PowerPoint, video and other media are welcomed, but may not exceed 50% of the stated presentation time.

SCHEDULING OF GENERAL SESSION EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS:  The IMSH 2019 Planning Committee will schedule accepted courses where they best fit the final educational program.  If accepted, Course Directors and Faculty must agree to present on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, January 28 – 30, 2019.  Scheduling conflicts for Course Directors will be resolved whenever possible, however, contributing faculty schedule conflicts will need to be negotiated amongst the faculty team.

REGISTRATION FOR ALL PRESENTING FACULTY: All presenters of accepted General Session content at IMSH 2019 MUST register for the meeting.  Several registration options are available, including single-day passes.  Faculty are encouraged to register prior to the Early Bird registration date of November 15, 2018.


Audio-visual Support

SSH will provide the following audio-visual equipment for all presenters:

  • One LCD projector
  • Speakers and audio
  • Microphones
  • Audience Response System (ARS) – available upon request.

Simulation Instructional Equipment

Additional simulation instructional equipment is available and may be requested during the submission process for Workshops, including Pre- and Post-conference offerings.



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