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Call for Content: US Government Agency Projects in Healthcare Simulation

Deadline: Wednesday, December 11, 2019
5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) is inviting research abstracts and technology innovation demonstrations showcasing projects in healthcare simulation which are funded by US Government Agencies to be presented at 20th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH 2020).  Abstracts describing research studies and technology innovations are now being accepted. Projects formerly included in “Government Row” are welcome to submit in this category.

NOTE:  IMSH 2021 Call for Government Agency Projects – will open in early April and close June 9, 2020. Please note this change in the submission process for future planning.

The deadline for these entries is December 4, 2019. 

Listed below you will find the step by step listing of each submission requirement for the abstracts and SimVentor Showcases. Followed by the detailed criteria for each category so you or your organization can follow along on what is the best project that supports what you want to share. If you have any questions, please contact

  1. Research Study Requirements
  2. Hypothesis/Research Question (max 1,000 characters, includes spaces)
  3. Methods (max 1,000 characters, includes spaces)
  4. Results (max 1,000 characters, includes spaces)
  5. Conclusion (max 1,000 characters, includes spaces)
  6. References (no character limit)

B.  Technology Innovation Requirements

  1. General Description of Project (max 4,000 characters, includes spaces)
  2. Problem Addressed (max 2,500 characters, includes spaces)
  3. Primary Function (max 250 characters, includes spaces)
  4. Keywords – Primary and Secondary
  5. References (no character limit)

REGISTRATION FOR ALL PRESENTING FACULTY: All accepted presenters at IMSH 2020 MUST register for the meeting. Several registration options are available, including a government employee rate and single-day passes.

To submit, login to and choose “Professional Development/Presenters/Proposal Submission”

Questions?  Contact

Submit Today

WELCOME IMSH 2020 Presenters

We encourage you to use the IMSH 2020 templates.

IMSH 2020 PowerPoint Template 

This page is your one stop for presenter updates and information as you prepare for the meeting.


  • All presenters must have a current (within the past year) bio and disclosure completed in their SSH profile. To complete this step or verify that your information is up to date, log into your SSH profile at
  • Presenters must verbally disclose all financial relationships relevant to the content being presented at the beginning of the presentation. Every presentation will be evaluated for compliance to this verbal disclosure requirement.
  • ALL presenters are required to register for the IMSH 2020 General Session.   Registration will open for the meeting in mid-September.   Early Bird rates expire on October 24 th 5:00PM EST USA. 
  • All educational presentation electronic content must be uploaded to the IMSH Content Archive prior to presentation.  The archive upload link will be available in December.
  • We are unable to reschedule presentations to different times or days. Final presenter rosters will be published prior to the meeting and evaluations will be based on this roster, therefore any presenter roster changes must be communicated to the Department of Continuing Education before October 1, 2019.
  • To check your current faculty listing, log into the SSH Mobile App or go to COMING SOON!
  • Your Course Title, Learning Objectives, and Session Overview must match what are currently published. Please verify the accuracy of these items through the mobile app or You will be evaluated on how well you adhered to your published learning objectives.
  • Please download the SSH Events App from your app store. Once downloaded, select IMSH 2020 to begin building your schedule. You must reserve a seat in the courses you wish to attend.Questions? Email or visit SSH Central onsite. MOBILE APP AVAILABLE NOW! The SSH Events App can be found in your app store. 
  • Faculty reservations for the sessions they are teaching are pre-populated. You do no need to reserve your seat in courses you are listed as faculty through "Manage My Sessions.”
  • Any faculty using ARS can download the software at: For any questions or issues, contact As an attendee, you can download the Turning Point App for easy access in courses that utilize ARS.You can also access ARS through the browser- and then type in the session ID. (ICON)
  • We encourage you to use the IMSH 2020 template found above.
  • All course faculty are responsible for printing additional course materials.  SSH will not make copies onsite. 

Additional Information:

All presenters are responsible for their own IMSH registration fees, travel and lodging expenses.  Discounts on IMSH registration fees are not available for presenters at the meeting.

Research Abstract Information:

Oral Presentation

You will participate in a session with other researchers to discuss your work and receive feedback. Groups of approximately four to five abstract authors will work with experienced research mentors during a 60-minute interactive session.

Plan to prepare a short, 7-10 minute electronic presentation to be shared with your colleagues.  These will be followed by discussion and feedback from session mentors who have expertise in the group theme.  Feedback will be provided to the group as a whole, as well as to individual presenters. 

Oral Presentation Session

Sunday, January 19, 2020

3:30 – 4:30 PM

Poster Presentation

You are asked to prepare a poster summarizing your work for presentation at the meeting.  You will be assigned a 4 ft high x 8 ft wide poster board on which to display your work. In most cases, posters do NOT need to fill the provided space. Excessively large posters are both expensive and cumbersome.  Posters will be on display beginning Sunday, January 19 at 3:00 PM through Tuesday afternoon, January 21 at 2:00 PM.

IMSH 2020 Completed Work Template

Professor Rounds Format

As an accepted abstract presenter, you are expected to participate in Professor Rounds which begin promptly at 4:45 PM. For your poster presentation, prepare a 3-5 minute oral overview of your work and be ready to answer any questions from both your assigned professors and audience members in attendance. 

We are using a team-based moderation process, with two professors assigned to most groups. The professors will meet at the first poster in your group at 4:45 PM and will progress to each poster. You are expected to join the group to hear about the other poster presenters and the professors’ comments. Your specific group assignment, professors and board number will be sent in the coming weeks. When planning your schedule, please plan to be there during the entire Professor Rounds session. 

Professor Rounds Schedule

Sunday, January 19, 2020

4:45 – 5:45 PM

IMSH 2020 Professor Rounds Template

Research Study Development & Presentation Program

You will participate in a session with other researchers to discuss your work and receive feedback. Groups of approximately seven to ten abstract authors will work with experienced research mentors during a 90-minute interactive session.

Plan to prepare a short, 7-10 minute electronic presentation to be shared with your colleagues.  These will be followed by discussion and feedback from session mentors who have expertise in the group theme.  Feedback will be provided to the group as a whole, as well as to individual presenters. You will be asked to develop next steps for your project as an outcome of the session.

Research Study Development & Presentation Program Schedule

Sessions will be held throughout the general content sessions. Please see SSH Events app for further details.

SimVentor Information: 

Presentation in the SimVentors Showcase

Presenters will be asked to bring their product to IMSH 2020 for showcasing in the SimVentors Showcase, being held on Sunday, January 19, 2020 from 4:00 - 7:00 PM.  Presenters will be required to demo from 4:00 - 5:30 PM.  Accepted entries will be provided with a space to showcase and demonstrate.  During the SimVentors Showcase, presenters will be able to discuss their ideas in an informal format with attendees and vendors. Mentorship is available if you would like more information on the design of your product, patent information, or assistance presenting your ideas!

Poster Presentation

If you have selected to present a poster as your demonstration, you will be assigned a 4 ft high x 8 ft wide poster board on which to display your work. In most cases, posters do NOT need to fill the provided space. Excessively large posters are both expensive and cumbersome.  Posters will be on display beginning Sunday, January 19 at 3:00 PM through Tuesday afternoon, January 21 at 2:00 PM.

IMPORTANT:  Promotional Activity NOT Allowed

No “give-aways” or promotional materials are permitted during the SimVentors Showcase.  This will be strictly enforced. The idea of the Showcase is to promote collegiality, networking and collaboration in the field.

IMPORTANT:  Manufacturer Equipment Warranty

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) strongly recommends that users of simulation-based learning equipment consult with manufacturers regarding equipment warranty and/or repair policies prior to making any modification.

SimVentor Schedule

Sunday, January 19, 2020

4:00 – 5:30 PM

IMPORTANT!!  Bring Your Own Laptops or Tablets to Present

You will present your electronic files (PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc) from your own computer, laptop, or tablet at the meeting.  A projector will be provided.  Please bring the appropriate adapter so you can connect your device to the projector.  Your connector must connect from your device to a standard HDMI port.

Connection Testing Center

An AV Connection Testing Center will be located in the SSH Presenter Center. You will be able to test drive your presentation device connection with the meeting projector system, run through and update your presentation, and obtain assistance from the meeting AV staff. 

AV Provided

Each room will be set with one projector and screen and a sound system.
Additional AV equipment is not available.  For flip charts and markers stop by presenter center to pick up what you need.

Course Materials

Course materials will not be printed by SSH.  If you are providing handouts, please print these materials and bring with you or ship to your hotel addressed to you.  There is a business center onsite and local print shops in the area if you chose to print course materials once in San Diego. 

IMSH Presenter Center

Put the final touches on your presentation, get AV assistance, upload your final electronic files, and obtain assistance with all of your presentation and technical needs in the IMSH Presenter Center. All presenters of workshops, panel presentations, and debates must upload their presentation onsite for archival purposes.

Use of Institutional Logos in Electronic Presentation Materials

It is acceptable to display your institutional/commercial entity logo, in a non-promotional manner, on the first slide of your electronic presentation materials.

Schedule Conflicts

Presenter schedule conflicts have been resolved to the extent possible. If schedule conflicts remain for presentations you are involved in, please make every effort to resolve them within your presenter team(s). Schedule changes will not be made at this time. If you need to edit your faculty listing, send those requests to as soon as possible.

IMSH Planner Reservations for Faculty

Download the SSH Events app from your App store to begin building your schedule.

Audience Response System (ARS)

We will be utilizing Turning Technologies cloud ARS system, ResponseWare for this meeting. 


If you have requested equipment for your course, we are working with our vendors to secure those requests.

Session Title, Overview and Learning Objectives

Your Course Title, Learning Objectives and Session Overview
must match what are currently published.  Your learners will evaluate the degree to which you adhere to your published learning objectives in their course evaluation.  These items may have been edited. You can check to be sure these items are consistent with the presentation you are preparing by referencing your course listing in the submission system.

Room Sets

All rooms have been assigned based on the enrollment we are projecting for your course and your selected delivery format. You may locate your assigned room in the IMSH Planner on onsite. A link to floor plans of each room will be available on our website. Please note, these floorplans cannot be changed.

Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships

It is the policy of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) to insure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all educational activities.  All individuals in a position to control content of SSH educational or scientific content must disclose the name of commercial interests producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing healthcare and/or simulation-related goods or services with which the individual and his/her spouse or partner has had a relevant financial relationship within the past 12 months.

Please review the definitions below of “commercial interest”, “financial relationships”, “relevant financial relationships”, and “conflict of interest” to ensure compliance with this policy.


Commercial interest: A “commercial interest” is defined as any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing healthcare and/or simulation-related goods or services used on patients. Providers of clinical service directly to patients are not considered commercial interests. 

Financial relationships:

Financial relationships are those relationships in which the individual benefits by receiving a salary, royalty, intellectual property rights, consulting fee, honoraria, ownership interest (e.g., stocks, stock options or other ownership interest, excluding diversified mutual funds), or other financial benefit. Financial benefits are usually associated with roles such as employment, management position, independent contractor (including contracted research), consulting, speaking and teaching, membership or advisory committees or review panels, board membership, and other activities from which remuneration is received, or expected. Relationships of the individual’s spouse or partner are to be included as those of the individual.

Relevant financial relationships:

Financial relationships with commercial interests are relevant if they have occurred in the 12-month period preceding the time the individual is involved in controlling SSH educational and/or scientific content.  There is no minimal dollar amount considered for relationships to be considered relevant.  Inherent in any amount is the incentive to maintain or increase the value of the relationship.

Conflict of Interest: Circumstances create a conflict of interest when an individual has an opportunity to affect SSH educational or scientific content about products of services of a commercial interest with which he/she has a relevant financial relationship.

Non-Promotion of Relevant Financial Relationships during Educational Presentations

Required Verbal Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships

Note that at the beginning of an SSH educational presentation, course directors and all contributing faculty members must verbally disclose all relevant financial relationships, and list those relationships on electronic presentation materials used during the presentation.  Cooperation with this requirement is essential.  Faculty will be evaluated on whether or not disclosure was made.

If financial relationships exist that are not related to the topic being presented, these relationships do NOT need to be disclosed.

If relevant financial relationships exist, in addition to verbal disclosure at the beginning of the presentation, faculty must discuss how the content has been adjusted to avoid the introduction of commercial bias during the presentation.  For example, faculty may state that:

▪  “I am covering topics other than those represented by my relationship with (Name of commercial entity).”

▪  “I will not be presenting this content in a promotional manner.”

▪  “I will not endorse (name of commercial entity) during this presentation.”

▪  “Another faculty member is covering content related to this commercial entity.”

▪  “There will be no case studies or activities presented that in any way represent past, current or prospective clients of (name of commercial entity).”

▪  Any recommendations made during this presentation are evidence-based, or consistent with current consensus-based simulation practice.”

Monitor Required

Educational content delivered by individuals with relevant financial relationships will be monitored by a member of the SSH Education Committee Content Advisory Team.

Promotional Activity Restriction & Non-endorsement of Commercial Entities

Endorsement of commercial entities, products, goods and services is not permitted in learning sessions that award contact hours.  This will be strictly enforced. 

In addition, faculty using equipment or materials for instruction during presentation of accredited content must refrain from endorsement of commercial products or companies during the presentation.

Special Instructions

HOT TOPICS: Presenters are allotted 10 minutes to present their topic and 5 minutes to participate in a Q&A. A moderator will signal when time is up and attendees will move to the next presenter. Your presentation should be 10 minutes with 5 minutes available for a Q&A. A monitor will be provided.  You must bring your own laptop and connector. 

Additional equipment and ARS are not available for Hot Topic presentations.


Send an email to or phone the SSH Office of Continuing Education, 866-730-6127.

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