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THANK YOU to our IMSH 2020 Content Team members and reviewers!

Content Team Chair: Michael Spooner
Content Team Co-chairs: Roxane Gardner, Valerie Howard, Kimberly Patterson, Allison Perry

Content Team Chair: Frances Lee
Content Team Co-chairs:  Heather Anderson, Teresa Gore, Heidi Felix, Aleta Martin, Ivette Motola, Jamie Robertson

Content Team Chair:  Dave Biffar
Content Team Co-chair: Hans Lamkin    

Content Team Chair:  Matthew Hackett
Content Team Co-chairs: Erin Baker, Bryan Dang, Paul Pribaz, Tim Shea, Natasha Taylor

Operation Specialist
Content Team Chair: Melissa Lowther
Content Team Co-chairs:  Nikki Albrecht, Amy Follmer, Brownyn McDermott, Jarrod Young

Content Team Chair: Bonnie Haupt
Content Team Co-chairs: Diana Callender, Chris McClanahan, Asit Misra, Lorrie Wang

Content Focus

The 20th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH 2020), being held January 18 - 22, 2020 in San Diego, California, marks a major milestone in the practice of healthcare simulation.  It is the 20th anniversary of our international meeting, exclusively focused on simulation in healthcare and the health professions. The Planning Committee for IMSH 2020 is designing the meeting to celebrate not only where we've come from, but also to inspire our future.  As we inspire the next generation of simulation professionals, we want to celebrate the accomplishments that have allowed us to get where we are.

Whilst our visions for the future continues to evolve, the reason behind why we do what we do hasn’t.  That reason is patients.  Patients have been and will continue to be our constant throughout this journey.  We want to ensure that as we progress, we keep patients at the core of our efforts. After all, the patient is the ultimate stakeholder! 

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