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This year, abstract submissions will be accepted into three different categories:

  • Research Abstract-Study Complete
  • Research Study Development and Presentation Program
  • FIRES (Future Innovators in Research, Education and Simulation)

Please review the detailed document of abstract categories regarding specific submission requirements for each type: CallContent_ResearchIMSH2020

Abstract Requirements

Abstracts will be accepted in the following categories: 

1. Research Abstract - Study Complete
Abstracts in this category represent completed in which simulation is either the subject of the research or is used as a research tool. Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods studies are welcomed. A specific research question and hypothesis are required. Established research methodologies and theoretical frameworks should inform the intervention, study design, and assessment process. Descriptive statistics (and appropriately performed interim analyses) may be presented. Use of inferential statistics on incomplete data, however, is strongly discouraged. Theoretical frameworks used to inform the intervention, methodology, or assessment process should be included when appropriate. 

2. Research Study Development and Presentation Program 
Abstracts in this category describe studies in the development phase or in early stages of implementation for which the author wishes to receive focused review and feedback. This category is intended to help investigators better design, develop, implement, and prepare simulation-based research projects. Abstracts submitted to this category should represent research studies and ideas that hold promise to answer important questions in the field of simulation. 

Authors of abstracts accepted into this track will be invited to present their work during a series of special sessions at IMSH 2020 designed to foster collaboration among researchers working in similar topic areas. Participants in this program will receive feedback from fellow research colleagues on important topics such as the relevance of the identified problem, components of study design, study aims and goals, resource allocation, methodological considerations, outcome measures, and assessment metrics. Special consideration will be given to those topics most relevant for eventual publication of the completed study. 

3. FIRES (Future Innovators in Research, Education and Simulation) 
FIRES manuscripts are shorter papers than typical journal submissions that, if accepted, will:

  1. Be presented along with other accepted FIRES submissions at the 2020 Meeting as an oral presentation (20 min + 10 min for questions)
  2. Be published as a short paper in Simulation in Healthcare (SIH) in the spring of 2020.

Authors are required to adhere to the Simulation in Healthcare instructions. For FIRES submissions, the manuscript cannot exceed 2000 words and no more than four figures/tables. A structured abstract is required, not to exceed 250 words. Please see the Journal Instructions for Authors for additional information about style, reference format and table and figure format requirements.

Professor Rounds Information:

Poster Presentation

You are asked to prepare a poster summarizing your work for presentation at the meeting.  You will be assigned a 4 ft high x 8 ft wide poster board on which to display your work. In most cases, posters do NOT need to fill the provided space. Excessively large posters are both expensive and cumbersome.  Posters will be on display beginning Sunday, January 19 at 3:00 PM through Tuesday afternoon, January 21 at 2:00 PM.

Professor Rounds Format

As an accepted abstract presenter, you are expected to participate in Professor Rounds which begin promptly at 4:30 pm. For your poster presentation, prepare a 3-5 minute oral overview of your work and be ready to answer any questions from both your assigned professors and audience members in attendance. 

We are using a team-based moderation process, with two professors assigned to most groups. The professors will meet at the first poster in your group at 4:30 and will progress to each poster. You are expected to join the group to hear about the other poster presenters and the professors’ comments. Your specific group assignment, professors and board number will be sent in the coming weeks. When planning your schedule, please plan to be there during the entire Professor Rounds session. 

Professor Rounds Schedule

Sunday, January 19, 2020

4:30 – 6:30 PM

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