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First, is your innovation a Modification (evolution or change to previously existing device, process, or technology) OR New Innovation (device, process, or technology that has not previously existed) ?

Entry Types

•               Mobile Devices and Mobile Learning Systems (including screen-based and mobile learning platforms, virtual interactive medical device simulators, eye-tracking, computer-based decision support tools)

•               Moulage and Wearable Simulators and Devices

•               Serious Games & Virtual Environments (including screen-based gaming, mobile gaming applications, virtual reality, augmented reality, board or table-top games, mobile applications)

•               Simulation Center Operations (including audio/visual, theatrical, process, administration, logistics, communications, and other related concepts)

•               Simulation Platforms and Devices (including manikins and task trainers)

SimVentor Requirements

Accepted submissions in this format will be presented on Sunday, January 19th, 2020 from 4:00-7:00 PM


Presentation in the SimVentors Showcase

Presenters will be asked to bring their product to IMSH 2020 for showcasing in the SimVentors Showcase, being held on Sunday, January 19, 2020 from 4:00 - 7:00 PM.  Accepted entries will be provided with a space to showcase and demonstrate.  During the SimVentors Showcase, presenters will be able to discuss their ideas in an informal format with attendees and vendors. Mentorship is available if you would like more information on the design of your product, patent information, or assistance presenting your ideas!

IMPORTANT:  Promotional Activity NOT Allowed

No “give-aways” or promotional materials are permitted during the SimVentors Showcase.  This will be strictly enforced. The idea of the Showcase is to promote collegiality, networking and collaboration in the field.

IMPORTANT:  Manufacturer Equipment Warranty

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) strongly recommends that users of simulation-based learning equipment consult with manufacturers regarding equipment warranty and/or repair policies prior to making any modification.

Entry Components

Detailed Description

(2,500 character max, includes spaces).

Describe how your entry uses and leverages innovation to meet educational needs.This section is intended to give peer reviewers a complete narrative regarding your entry.Be sure to include a description of why there was a need for your project or innovation, how it was developed (include detailed steps), and the outcomes that have been realized as a result.

Problem Addressed

(2,500 character max, includes spaces)

Describe the problem(s) that is addressed by this invention. What are the existing solutions and what limitations do these current solutions have? Be sure to list the novelty features and benefits of this invention.

Primary Function of invention

(250 character max, includes spaces)

List the primary function of your invention.

Secondary function of invention

(250 character max)

List the secondary function of your invention.


List a max of 2 keywords that describe your invention.

Visual Documentation

(Single file upload - acceptable formats include pdfs & URL’s)

Entrants are encouraged to include a picture, diagram, schematic, or other relevant visual documentation.

Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships: All contributors to your entry must complete a Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships form before your entry will be considered.The “Disclosure” tab is found on the Proposal Submission homepage on the SSH Presenter Center.

Presentation Format

Presenters will be positioned at a table to provide a demonstration of your entry.  The presentation format is informal.  You are encouraged to network and provide collegial feedback and discussion about all showcase entries being demonstrated.  Standard electrical power and a small table will be provided for you.  You are responsible for bringing demonstration materials (e.g. laptops, video, equipment).  Wireless internet access will be provided throughout the LA Convention Center.  It is recommended you prepare a back-up of your entry presentation, particularly if you will be using a screen-based environment.  Consider a movie clip, saved files on a thumb drive, etc.  This will allow you to proceed even if the connection speed is not optimal.

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