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Applications are now being accepted for individuals who would like to become a Fellow of the SSH Academy.  This group of leaders and renowned simulationists are recognized as having made outstanding contributions to the field of healthcare simulation. Becoming an SSH Fellow offers many benefits including: recognition for your contributions to SSH and to healthcare simulation; contributing to the future path and project directions of SSH; and influencing or advancing the art, science, and practice of healthcare simulation as part of the SSH Academy.  Fellows are expected to be active in the SSH Academy and to advance the mission and vision of SSH and the SSH Academy through high level initiatives.


Applicants should complete the following:
- Identify an individual who can complete a reference that describes your contributions to SSH and healthcare simulation
- Complete the online application which includes submitting your simulation-focused CV and the completed letter of reference
- Make sure your SSH profile is up to date and includes accurate records of your service

The following are provided to you to assist with preparing your application:
- Guidelines for References
- Self Assessment Worksheet


Applications that are submitted will be reviewed by the Academy based on this rubric.  The information provided in the application and on the CV, and from the letter of reference will be evaluated to identify those candidates who have demonstrated sustained contributions to SSH and to the healthcare simulation community.

We encourage you to share any prior involvement and contributions with us in your online application, such as:

  • Elected office (BOD, Treasurer…) 
  • Committee chair or  member 
  • IMSH meeting chair 
  • IMSH faculty/course director
  • Served on Simulation in Healthcare Editorial Board 
  • Reviewer (Simulation in Healthcare Journal) 
  • SIG chair or member 
  • Founding member of SSH 
  • Working Groups /Special Projects/Task Force chair or member
  • Affinity Group chair or member
  • Published contributions to simulation (web or hard copy)
  • Evidence of support of Mission, Goals and Growth of SSH
  • Development of simulation programs 
  • Scholarly efforts/service advancing simulation


The fee structure for the third cohort is as follows:
- Nomination fee $100 (for all who submit a nomination, use the button below)
- Induction fee $250 (first year dues for those selected; SSH Fellows have annual dues)

The third cohort of Fellows will be inducted and announced at the Gala at IMSH 2019, January 26 in San Antonio, TX

Questions?  Please email us!

Q1: What is a simulation specific CV or resume? This is a CV or resume that only has listings that are specific to simulation such as articles written about simulation, simulation-specific work positions, and similar.  This aids the reviewers in understanding specific contributions.
Q2: Is this a developmental or learning fellowship? No. The SSH Academy recognizes those who have made sustained contributions to SSH and the healthcare simulation community.  There are many other programs that exist (including fellowship opportunities) for those who desire to improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities in healthcare simulation.
Q3: What do the fees support? The application fee supports the review and evaluation process for all applicants which is completed by a multidisciplinary panel.  The induction fee is for first year Fellows who are being inducted, and includes covering the cost of the induction dinner.  Annual dues also support SSH Academy activities.
Q4: What is meant by being active in the SSH Academy? Many Fellows programs are designed only to recognize individuals.  The SSH Academy does this as well, but also realizes that the individuals recognized are key leaders in the field of healthcare simulation.  As such, it is expected that Fellows of the SSH Academy will identify and contribute to projects that support the mission and vision of SSH and the SSH Academy that are worthy of the Fellows time and energy.

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