SSH Fellows


16 Professionals Named SSH Fellows

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the second cohort of inductees of Fellows of the SSH Academy.

These individuals were selected based on their outstanding contributions to the development of SSH and to the field of healthcare simulation. Their skills and knowledge are a vital component of the Academy's success, as the Fellows will initiate important work to keep our field moving forward.

In all, 16 individuals make up the second cohort of inductees. This group represents the diversity and expertise that will support the growth of the SSH Academy and allow it to achieve its mission and vision.

  • Mark Adler
  • Pamela Andreatta
  • Jack Boulet
  • Don Combs
  • Sabrina Koh
  • Tom LeMaster
  • Elaine Meyer
  • Gerry Moses
  • Sharon Muret-Wagstaff
  • Amar Patel
  • Mary Patterson
  • Mary Anne Rizzolo
  • Jenny Rudolph
  • Jill Sanko
  • Dimitrios Stefanidis
  • Katie Walker
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