Knowledge Map

Welcome to the SSH Simulation Scholarship Knowledge Map!

The SSH Simulation Scholarship Knowledge Map is a unique and powerful tool for the research community.It provides a visual demonstration of connections between content areas, research initiatives, different methodologies, and applications.Although the knowledge network is large and very intricate, it is also is highly searchable. Users can find particular links to one topic, making connections and links to next steps and progression

The functionality is more effective than, for example, PubMed, which provides users with blocks and bars of text.Instead, the Simulation Scholarship Knowledge Map shows relationships between concepts, methods, ideas, studies, and applications.

By enabling a central repository of ideas and findings, past, current, and future research initiatives are linked together in new and innovative ways that were previously unavailable to the community.This ever-expanding resource is a living index of research and scholarship in healthcare simulation. It provides an innovative tool that can strengthen the community infrastructure.

Since its inception, the Simulation Scholarship Knowledge Map has been growing at a rapid rate.The database initially contained 36 unique elements with their various connections. The current number of elements is now 648. 

The map started with four core categories: Theory, Methods, Focus of Investigation (based on the SSH Research Consensus Summit, held in 2011), and Innovation. Novice scholars can explore core categories and follow those links, or they can search for their own topic of interest. Based on feedback from the CORE research committee, the task force also added a fifth core category: Resources.


This Resource category includes links to the four prominent simulation journals, previously established SSH research tools, the SSH research website, guide for novice researchers, and, eventually, the International Simulation Data Registry (ISDR). One of the links under development in the Resource category is for Subject Matter Experts, through which SSH will provide a listing of content experts.This could potentially be expanded for mentorship or collaboration opportunities.

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