One of the hallmarks of the development of the SSH Certifications has been the ongoing partnership of many organizations in the process.  The entire healthcare simulation community benefits from the certifications, and it is a great honor to have the direct participation of individuals from these many organizations in the US and around the globe.  It is an ongoing effort to continue to have this participation and inclusion of the perspectives, knowledge, and wisdom of these many organizations as the certifications continue to grow.  

2017-2018 Practice Analysis

Thank you to the organizations and individuals involved that helped with the Practice Analysis that supported the development of the new examination blueprints:

45 subject matter experts during meetings in Tampa, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam

Affiliated (and unaffiliated) simulation organizations: SSH; INACSL; ASPE; SimONE/CNSH; SimGHOSTS; SOCHISM; ABRASSIM; DSSH; SIMMED; ISSIH; ROSOMED; AMEE, SPSIM; SESAM; ASPiH; IPSS: SSiH (Saudi); NZASH; ASSH; PASSH; CMEA; JSSiH, and HKSSiH SSH Corporate Roundtable/Industry partners: CAE; Laerdal; BLine Medical; Limbs and Things; and Tellyes

Survey respondents: more than 1,000 from 53 countries

Supporting Organizations

The following organizations support CHSE®, CHSOS®, and CHSE-A®


Partnering Opportunities

If your organization is interested in being involved in the development of the certifications, or making statements of support the certifications and receiving the benefits, please contact the Director of Certification.  We look forward to working with you!