The Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist-Advanced (CHSOS-A) certification is a portfolio-based certification for leaders in healthcare simulation operations.  This certification distinguishes those who have proven themselves to be advanced operations specialists in their practice in healthcare simulation and serve as mentors and examples to others in the field. Individuals who are interested in obtaining this certification and demonstrating their high level of expertise are encouraged to apply.


CHSOS Application Due Dates

Applications are currently being accepted for the first application cycle to become a CHSOS-A.  All applications and materials are due by January 15 at 1700 ET. 

CHSOS Certification Process

Step 1: Determine CHSOS-A® Eligibility

Step 2: Prepare CHSOS-A® Portfolio

Step 3: Submit CHSOS-A® Application

Step 4: Evaluation of CHSOS-A® Application

Step 5: Recognition of CHSOS-A®

Step 6: Renewal of CHSOS-A




Individuals who are applying to become a CHSOS-A should read the Application Handbook (pdf).

Additional documents:

CHSOS CHSOS-A Development 

Consistent with its mission, SSH developed the certification process for operations specialists focused on healthcare simulation. This program has been developed over a number of years with the input of many individuals representing a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in healthcare simulation.  Individuals from the international healthcare simulation community including other simulation societies contributed to the success of CHSOS-A Certification. SSH would like to thank everyone who has participated in the development of CHSOS-A Certification. 

Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist-Advanced, CHSOS-A and the CHSOS-A logo are all trademarks of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.  A currently certified CHSOS-A may use the CHSOS-A title as prescribed in the CHSOS-A handbook.  All other uses are forbidden without the express written consent of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Questions? Contact the Certification Director



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