Research Funding

Research Funding

Acquisition of funding is a critical component of many larger research projects, and can be a key step in furthering a research career.  Below we list a number of funding sources that have proven relevant to simulation-based research in the past.

·      International

o   Community of Science, Inc. (COS), is the leading Internet site for the international research and development community. To date, COS has 480,000 members who use the Web site to promote their work, find funding, access experts, consult and collaborate with colleagues. Offerings include COS Funding Opportunities, a comprehensive database that lists more than 400,000 funding opportunities (over $33 billion in grants and awards), and COS Funding Alert, a weekly e-mail notification that contains a customized list of funding opportunities based on specific criteria pre-set by the individual user.  By joining COS, you will gain access to your own personalized COS Workbench, a customized web tool that allows you to navigate our web site and maximize the many resources available to you through COS. 

·      North America

o US Government

o  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is the lead Federal agency charged with improving the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness

o  National Patient Safety Foundation

o  Anaesthesia Patient Safety Foundation      

o the American Association for the Advancement of Science -- Science's publisher

In the future, we hope to provide information for regional or national funding sources in the following areas.  If you have successfully been funded by an organization originating in one of these locations, please contact us.

·      South America

·      Europe

·      Asia

·      Australia/Oceania

·      Africa