Planning and Conducting Research

Planning and Conducting Research

Many early researchers are challenged by aspects of the design and implementation of research studies as well as the effective dissemination of their results.  To address this, the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Research Committee Task Force on Research Integration took part in a modified Delphi process focused on discerning specific barriers as well as potential solutions.  The process resulted in a white paper titled Empowering the Inexperienced Researcher: A Summary Report and Expert Recommendations, as well as a number of short checklists intended to serve as cognitive aids for early career investigators.  These can be accessed at the links below. Please note that the checklists are also included as appendices to the main report.

In addition to these documents, a number of external resources that address these issues are listed below.

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A Stepwise Approach to Successful Poster Presentations

  • How to write a research grant  Many details on the publication style of the American Psychological Association (APA), a standard for many social science publications