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Congratulations to the

Newly Certified Healthcare Simulationists (January-March 2019)


 SSH Certification Vision and Mission

Vision: The vision of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Certification Council is to foster excellence in healthcare simulation internationally through certification. 

Mission: The mission of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Certification Council is to promote competence, recognition, and development of healthcare simulationists through standards and processes for certification within the global healthcare simulation community.

 New Examinations

The Certification Council is pleased to announce the launch of the new CHSE and CHSOS exams to match the blueprints that resulted from the recent international practice analysis.  The new exams will be in force beginning January 26, 2019, at IMSH and around the world. All other relevant components of the certification process such as the domains for submitting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities will also convert on this date. 

The new exams are now completed and cut scores have been set.  Candidates will now receive their scores on completion of the examinations.

Thank you to the organizations and individuals involved that helped with the Practice Analysis that supported the development of the new examination blueprints:

45 subject matter experts during meetings in Tampa, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam

Affiliated (and unaffiliated) simulation organizations: SSH; INACSL; ASPE; SimONE/CNSH; SimGHOSTS; SOCHISM; ABRASSIM; DSSH; SIMMED; ISSIH; ROSOMED; AMEE, SPSIM; SESAM; ASPiH; IPSS: SSiH (Saudi); NZASH; ASSH; PASSH; CMEA; JSSiH, and HKSSiH

SSH Corporate Roundtable/Industry partners: CAE; Laerdal; B-Line Medical; Limbs and Things; and Tellyes

Survey respondents: more than 1,000 from 53 countries


Advance your career in healthcare simulation education

Set yourself apart from your peers and distinguish yourself as an experienced educator in healthcare simulation education by earning the CHSE certification.  Certification will help enhance your career, position you as a leader and publicly demonstrate your commitment to being the best in simulation education.

Take your career in healthcare simulation operations to the next level

Stand out from your peers and give your simulation program a competitive edge by earning the CHSOS certification. Certification will showcase your specialized skills and knowledge, provide you with recognition as an international leader, and keep you competitive.

  Demonstrate your position as a leader in healthcare simulation education

Distinguish your role as a simulation expert and leader in the field by earning the CHSE-A certification from SSH.  Certification will confirm your position as an advanced leader in healthcare simulation education through an extensive peer-review process.

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