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             Provisional Accreditation

What is Provisional Accreditation?

Provisional Accreditation allows programs with established structure and processes, but have not yet achieved outcomes to apply for preliminary accreditation.  Current full SSH Accreditation Standards require demonstrating outcomes. Because of this requirement, simulation programs are required to be in operations for a minimum of two years prior to seeking accreditation. Provisional Accreditation is granted for two (2) years and allows simulation programs to seek accreditation earlier by focusing on the structure and processes to accredit those aspects of the applying program.  Programs seeking SSH Provisional Accreditation will demonstrate compliance with Core Standards and Teaching/Education Standards.  


A Program is eligible for SSH Provisional Accreditation when it is able to demonstrate establishment of structure and processes consistent with the SSH Provisional Accreditation Standards. A program may apply if one of the following applies:

1. The program has established structure and processes but has not yet performed simulations. 2. The program is engaged in simulation activity, has established structure and processes but has not yet achieved 2 years in operation3. The program has established structure and processes, is currently engaged in simulation activity for more than 2 years, but has not yet demonstrated outcomes within the simulation programs.

Application Deadlines

SSH's Council for Accreditation of Healthcare Simulation Programs is now accepting applications.  There are two annual review cycles with deadlines of  December 15 and May 15.  We are still accepting New Accreditation applications for the May 15th deadline and Reaccreditation applications for the June 15th deadline.

Companion Documents to the Accreditation Standards

There are often questions about what is meant by each item in the Accreditation Standards.  The Accreditation Council has put together the following companion documents to help applicant programs understand the intent and concept of the Standards in each area.  These are not prescriptive, and are intended to help the applicant programs to gain insight into how their own program demonstrates the standards, and what documentation might be needed to support the standard.  


Accreditation Standards

The 2016 versions of the Accreditation Standards are required as of the December 15, 2016 application submission date. There remain the five areas for accreditation.  Programs applying to for Provisional Accreditation must meet the standards in both the Core and the Teaching/Education areas.  If you have any questions, please email


Additional Supporting Documents

The SSH Accreditation Biosketch (word doc) should be used to provide simulation-specific information on Program personnel when other options are not available.  The Simulation Activities listing (excel spreadsheet) may be used by Programs to list all activities for each area of activity.

How to Apply for Provisional Accreditation 

  1. Review the SSH Provisional Accreditation Informational Guide (pdf)
  2. Review the SSH Provisional Accreditation Standards (above) to determine if your facility meets the Standards
  3. Explore the Companion Documents (above)--they will help you know what is desired for each area.
  4. Before you apply, begin collecting responses for each of the SSH Accreditation Standards for which you plan on applying.
  5. When you have the information gathered, please begin the online application process here:

** All FEES associated with SSH Accreditation will be invoiced to your Program following submission and approval of the application. 

FOR SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:  Contact Kristyn Gadlage (Coordinator of Accreditation)



1. Utilizes the standards for accreditation to establish the structure and processes to build a solid foundation for the simulation center
2. Allows for the development of structure and processes to set the stage for achieving outcomes in the future
3. Provides constructive feedback from simulation experts as part of the review process


$ 100    Application Fee
$2495  Accreditation Fee
$ 175    Annual Report

Questions?  Please contact the Coordinator of Accreditation Kristyn Gadlage