CHSE-A Portfolio



 Portfolio Development 

The CHSE-A application elements and process are undergoing an update.  For now, please work on the following:

  • Download the current self-assessment document and reflect/act on those items.
  • Compile evidence related to the various standards and elements--it could be documents, it could be hand-written notes about each item in preparation for a narrative response.
  • Update your CV/resume and highlight the simulation-specific pieces
  • Consider who you want for references--one internal and one external to your institution
  • Update your SSH profile and make sure it is accurate (start and end dates of your various activities etc)

We anticipate launch of the new application and review process no later than July 01, 2020.

 Standards and Elements 

The CHSE-A® certification requires the applicant to demonstrate performance of the Standards and Elements at the advanced level.  Download the Standards and Suggested Evidence (pdf) document to review what is expected for each of the Standards.  The applicant should understand that the evidence listed is suggested and NOT mandatory.  Applicants are evaluated for collective evidence of advanced performance, not whether each box can be ticked off as completed and meeting that level of performance.

Questions? Contact the Certification Director

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