CHSE-A Portfolio



 Portfolio Development 

The CHSE-A® Portfolio is a comprehensive set of documents and resources that are submitted by the applicant.  Applicants should be aware that the creation of a portfolio for submission is a time-consuming process and should allow for sufficient time to compile the resources, documents, and other materials required.  

The CHSE-A® portfolio consists of five possible sections:

  1. Professional Information
  2. Reflective Statements
  3. Educational Activity
  4. Media Submission (optional)
  5. Additional Elements (optional)

The Portfolio Sections (pdf) document has been prepared for applicants as a tool to assist in the specific Sections and structure/design required for the Portfolio.  It includes items that should be included and the required Sections that must be included for the portfolio submission to be considered complete.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your portfolio information as submitted is focused on your demonstrated performance and expertise in healthcare simulation.

 Standards and Elements 

The CHSE-A® certification requires the applicant to demonstrate performance of the Standards and Elements at the advanced level.  Download the Standards and Suggested Evidence (pdf) document to review what is expected for each of the Standards.  The applicant should understand that the evidence listed is suggested and NOT mandatory.  Applicants are evaluated for collective evidence of advanced performance, not whether each box can be ticked off as completed and meeting that level of performance.

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