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CHSEA Application Cycles

CHSE-A applications are now reviewed in two application cycles every year.  Applicants should be submit their applications prior to the application deadlines each year.

  • March 1: Applications are due; reviews are completed over the next two months with notifications being made by May 1.
  • September 1: Applications are due; reviews are completed over the next two months with notifications being made by November 1.

CHSEA Standards

The CHSE-A certification requires the applicant to demonstrate performance of the Standards and Elements at the Advanced level.  Download the  Standards and Suggested Evidence (pdf) document to review what is expected for each of the Standards.

Click here to view a flowchart of how the CHSE-A application process functions and relates to the CHSE certification.


The CHSE-A Handbook (pdf) includes the information on requirements, the process for applying, all applicable rules, and any other information that should help the applicant in preparing and submitting a portfolio.

CHSEA Portfolio Development

The Portfolio Sections (pdf) document has been prepared for applicants as a tool to assist in the specific Sections and structure/design required for the Portfolio.  It includes items that should be included and the required Sections that must be included for the portfolio submission to be considered complete.

Resources for portfolio development

This website has some particularly useful portfolio development resources. This document (pdf) contains information that is useful in understanding portfolios and portfolio concepts (used at the IMSH CHSE-A prep workshop in 2014).

Follow these links to view the electronic portfolios of 2 recently certified CHSE-A candidates:
Sample Application #1                 Sample Application #2
NOTE: these applications are provided as samples only.  As such, they are provided to help the applicant understand what constitutes a successful portfolio and are not meant to prescribe any particular format, web platform, or other design elements.

CHSEA Submitting your Portfolio

Once you have designed and created your portfolio, you are ready to submit!  

For Electronic (web-based) Portfolios:

  1. Complete the Portfolio Submission form (pdf) and email it to
  2. Submit the required payment at the bottom of this page.

For Paper (Dropbox etc) Portfolios:

  1. Contact to arrange transfer of your portfolio
  2. Submit the required payment at the bottom of this page

Once your portfolio has been submitted and payment received, you will receive an email.  Please allow four (4) weeks for the peer reviewers to complete the review of your portfolio. 

 Portfolio Application Fees

The fees to apply for CHSE-A are as follows and can be submitted by clicking below after you have submitted your CHSE-A portfolio:

SSH Members $150 (USD) (also applies to organizations who support CHSE-A)

All Others $250 (USD)

Note that this fee is separate from your certification fee, and just covers the application and review of your CHSE-A portfolio.

 Questions? Email


CHSEA Please complete your payment here when you submit your portfolioClick here to pay your application fee


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