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CHSEA Application Cycles

CHSE-A applications are now reviewed in two application cycles every year.  Applicants should be submit their applications prior to the application deadlines each year.

  • March 1: Applications are due; reviews are completed over the next two months with notifications being made by May 1.
  • September 1: Applications are due; reviews are completed over the next two months with notifications being made by November 1.

CHSEA Application Process

The CHSE-A® application is separate from the CHSE® renewal process.  There are a few key points the applicant should understand:

  1. The CHSE-A® if granted assumes the CHSE® expiration dates (no matter how much time is left).
  2. The applicant should renew their CHSE® if they are close to their expiration date and are applying for CHSE-A®.
  3. The fees for the CHSE-A® application are separate from the CHSE® renewal fee and both must be paid. 
  4. Alternatively, if CHSE-A® is granted and the certificant must now renew, the renewal fee still applies and must be paid.

Download this flowchart (pdf) of how the CHSE-A® application process functions and relates to the CHSE® certification.


The CHSE-A® Handbook (pdf) includes the information on requirements, the process for applying, all applicable rules, and any other information that should help the applicant in preparing and submitting a portfolio.

CHSEA Self-Assessment Worksheet

The CHSE-A® subcommittee has created this self-assessment worksheet to help you with understanding whether you are ready to apply to become a CHSE-A®.  Prior to compiling your portfolio materials and applying the applicant should go through this worksheet and reflect on the elements therein. 

CHSEA Submitting your Portfolio

The CHSE-A application elements and process are undergoing an update.  For now, please work on the following:

  • Download the current self-assessment document and reflect/act on those items.
  • Compile evidence related to the various standards and elements--it could be documents, it could be hand-written notes about each item in preparation for a narrative response.
  • Update your CV/resume and highlight the simulation-specific pieces
  • Consider who you want for references--one internal and one external to your institution
  • Update your SSH profile and make sure it is accurate (start and end dates of your various activities etc)

We anticipate launch of the new application and review process no later than July 01, 2020.

 Portfolio Application Fees

The fees to apply for CHSE-A® are as follows and can be submitted by clicking below after you have submitted your CHSE-A® portfolio:

SSH Members $150 (USD) (also applies to organizations that support CHSE-A®)

All Others $250 (USD)

Note that this fee is separate from your certification fee, and just covers the application and review of your CHSE-A® portfolio.

 Questions? Contact the Certification Director


CHSEA Please complete your payment here when you submit your portfolioClick here to pay your application fee


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