Code of Ethics

Healthcare Simulationist Code of Ethics



The Healthcare Simulationist Code of Ethics has been formulated by a global working group to support the quality and ethical practice of healthcare simulation around the world.  There are six aspirational values that are described in the Code of Ethics:

   1. Integrity
   2. Transparency
   3. Mutual Respect
   4. Professionalism
   5: Accountability
   6. Results Orientation


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Implementing the Healthcare Simulationist Code of Ethics

  1. Why is a professional code important?
  2. How does an association adopt the code
  3. How does an organization annotate the code?
  4. How can an organization translate the code?

Adopting Organizations

The following healthcare simulation associations have formally adopted the Healthcare Simulationist Code of Ethics.  

Contributing Authors

Thank you to all the contributing authors who have dedicated time and expertise to developing and producing the Healthcare Simulationist Code of Ethics.

Christine Park
Timothy Murphy

Zalim Balkizov
Thomaz Bittencourt Couto
Pin-Tarng Chen
John Dean
Sharon Decker
Parvati Dev
Dayna Downing
Kris Thomas Dreifuerst
Eliana Escudero Zúñiga
Valerie Fulmer
Grace Gephardt
Leslie Graham
David Grant
Edgar Israel Herrera Bastida

Leslie Hurst
Sabrina Koh
Hani Lababidi
Esther León Castelao
William Lewandowski
Jennifer McCarthy
Elaine Meyer
Geoffrey Miller
Stefan Monk
Debra Nestel
Fadekemi Oginni
Gen Ouchi
Edwin Ozawa
Gina Peña Pavez

Leona Robertson
Ismail Saiboon
Paola Santalucia
Dawn Schocken
Laura Shen
Elizabeth Sinz
Gulcihan Ulufer Sivrikaya
Cathy Smith
Mary Kay Smith
Andrew Spain
Catherine Strayhorn
Elena Tragni
Isabelle Van Herzeele
Robin Wootten


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