Become an Accreditation Reviewer




Get Involved as an SSH Accreditation Program Reviewer 

Being an SSH Accreditation Program Reviewer is one of the most impactful ways to serve the SSH organization. Being a Reviewer allows you to see and learn from Simulation Programs around the world and network with peers in Healthcare Simulation.  


Roles and Responsibilities of Accreditation Reviewers 

  • This unique opportunity does require a commitment of time from those who choose to become involved. At minimum, an Accreditation Review requires three Reviewer Team meetings, time for personal review of all submitted documentation, and travel and attendance in the actual onsite review. 

  • All reviewers are required to actively participate in at least two reviews annually as well as mandatory reviewer trainings.  

  • Due to these participation requirements, it is suggested that all Reviewers have a meeting with their employers/ direct reports to discuss the required time commitments. 


***Please see the SSH Accreditation Program Reviewer Roles and Responsibilities Policy for more information. 


Requirements/ Preferences for Accreditation Reviewer Applicants 

Those applying to serve as an Accreditation Reviewer should meet the following: 

  • Work or have worked in an SSH Accredited Program. 

  • Have at least 1-2 years’ experience working in Healthcare Simulation. 

  • Hold either CHSOS or CHSE certification. 

  • Be involved in other SSH volunteer opportunities like SIGs, other committees or working groups, etc. 


How to Apply: 

  1. Review the Application Process

  1. Complete a Site Reviewer Application.  

  1. Remember to obtain the requested Letter of Recommendation. 

  1. Complete the SSH Reviewer Biosketch 

  1. Once all documentation completed, please send documentation to Kristyn Gadlage

  1. Please note, after you have submitted, your application will be reviewed by the SSH Accreditation Council Program Reviewer Subcommittee using the scoring rubric. The Subcommittee meets monthly, and you will be notified by the Director of Accreditation with next steps in the onboarding process.  

  1. Please review the training and mentorship process you will complete if accepted to be a SSH Accreditation Program Reviewer.  



  • Gain knowledge of the many types of Simulation Programs  

  • Work with simulation peers from around the world 

  • Accrue airline and hotel travel points 

  • Receive honoraria for each review