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Does Your Simulation Program Meet the Standards? Let the World Know!


SSH's Council for Accreditation of Healthcare Simulation Programs is now accepting applications from currently SSH Accredited Programs that would like to become accredited in additional areas.  The due date for Mid-Cycle applications is June 15, at the time the annual report is submitted.  This is only available for programs that are already SSH Accredited.  Review the accreditation standards to get started.

Is applying for additional areas of Accreditation right for my program?

As part of your review, you should ask whether it is better to either wait for the normal Full Re-accreditation process at the end of the five-year cycle, or re-apply early for Re-accreditation and include the additional areas as part of that application.  Please contact us if you have any questions--we want to work with you to ensure that you are taking the right steps for your program.

To apply for SSH Mid-Cycle Additional Areas of Accreditation:

1.     Review the SSH Mid-Cycle Accreditation Informational Guide (pdf)
2.     Review the SSH Accreditation Self-Study (2016 Standards) (doc) to determine in which areas you would like to apply for Accreditation
3.     Explore the Companion Documents (below) for each area--these will help you know what is desired.
4.     Review the SSH Accreditation Instructional Guide (pdf)
5.     Update and/or complete the online, entry application form (your program will be invoiced the $100 USD on receipt of this form)
6.     Complete your formal accreditation packet for ONLY the additional areas being applied and submit to the Coordinator of Accreditation by the application deadline

FOR SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:  Contact Kristyn Gadlage (Director of Accreditation)

Companion Documents to the Accreditation Standards

There are often questions about what is meant by each item in the Accreditation Standards.  The Accreditation Committee has put together the following companion documents to help applicant programs understand the intent and concept of the Standards in each area.  These are not prescriptive, and are intended to help the applicant programs to gain insight into how their own program demonstrates the standards, and what documentation might be needed to support the standard.  

Questions? Andrew Spain, Director of Accreditation and Certification

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