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PCS Virtual Patients with Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Practice 
Join Balazs Moldovanyi as he gives a primer on Artificial Intelligence and the impact it will have on simulation in healthcare. Today, virtual patients with machine learning and artificial intelligence are already being used in the classroom. Find out what that means, and how these virtual patients are getting smarter every day thanks to machine learning and how you can leverage them in your learning environment.
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Speakers: Balazs Moldovanyi, CEO & Nick Stoick, VP of Sales    
CAE Augmented Reality for Distance Learning: Trends for Educators and Tips for Integration 8/19/20 2 PM EST
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CAE TBD 9/2/20 2 PM EST
Body Interact, Inc. Distance Learning Education During and After Covid
9/9/20 2 PM EST

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Speaker: TBD    
Inovus Medical Connected Surgical Training with LapAR - The perfect tool for a post COVID era of surgical education
9/16/20  2 PM EST
The learning lab will be split into three core elements: 1. Introduction to the LapAR platform and overview of the package options and functionality 2. Overview of the software functionality with particular focus on the connected training element and its ability to offer distance learning 3. Educational section - A case study on delivery of a successful distance learning programme for surgical training during COVID19
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Speaker: Dr Elliot Street BSc. (Hons), MBChB Co-founder and CEO, Inovus Medical Clinical Entrepreneur, NHS England    
CAE TBD 9/23/20 2 PM EST
Ingmar Medical Watch an NIV Scenario Using the New RespiSim 4.0 Software from IngMar Medical
9/30/20 2 PM EST
An NIV scenario will be presented, using the new RespiSim 4.0 software. The presentation will include a walk through/small demo of our new software and its features for clinical educators. The scenario presented will show an ER patient who is admitted for COPD exacerbation. The patient is given albuterol, placed on increased fio2, and given steroids. The patient does not show improvement despite treatment. The learner must suggest placing patient on NIV to alleviate patient’s work of breathing. After the patient is placed on NIV of 15/5, the patient's work of breathing decreases, but is still hypoxic. The learner must recognize inadequate oxygenation and increase the EPAP level to help improve oxygenation.The learner must also realize it is necessary to maintain the same amount of pressure support as the increase EPAP to maintain ventilation.   Register Today!
Speaker: Ms. Justina Gerard, BSRC, MBA, RRT    
Body Interact, Inc. Virtual Patients for High Schools and Community Colleges
10/7/20 2 PM EST

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Speaker: TBD    
PCS Authoring Virtual Patients
10/14/20 2 PM EST 
Cover the thought process of creating and authoring your first virtual patient and key things to keep in mind
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Speaker: Michelle Castleberry - Former Standardized Patient
CAE TBD 10/21/20 2 PM EST
CAE TBD 11/4/20 2 PM EST
3B Scientific TBD 11/11/20 2 PM EST
CAE TBD 11/18/2020 2 PM EST
Avkin Clinical Competencies Living in a Virtual World 12/2/20 2 PM EST
Our program will highlight best practices in using Simulated Participants (SP), debriefing with SPs, and integration of SPs into virtual learning
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Speaker: Amy Cowperthwait, RN, MSN, BC-ACNS, CHSE, CEO-Avkin    

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Virtual Patients with Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Practice - PCS

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