CHSOS Application Cycles

CHSOS-A applications are now reviewed in two application cycles every year.  Applicants should submit their applications prior to the application deadlines each year.

CHSOS Application Process

The CHSOS-A application is separate from the CHSOS® renewal process.  There are a few key points the applicant should understand:

  1. The CHSOS-A if granted assumes the CHSOS® expiration dates (no matter how much time is left).
  2. The applicant should renew their CHSOS® if they are close to their expiration date and are applying for CHSOS-A®.
  3. The fees for the CHSOS-A application are separate from the CHSOS® renewal fee and both must be paid. 
  4. Alternatively, if CHSOS-A is granted and the certificant must now renew, the renewal fee still applies and must be paid.


The CHSOS-A Handbook (pdf) includes the information on requirements, the process for applying, all applicable rules, and any other information that should help the applicant in preparing and submitting a portfolio.

CHSOS Submitting your Structured Portfolio

The CHSOS-A Application Worksheet has the instructions for each item that is required for submission.  The following are what is required:

CHSOS Portfolio Application Fees

The fees to apply for CHSOS-A are as follows and can be submitted by clicking below after you have submitted your CHSOS-A portfolio:

SSH Members $150 (USD) (also applies to organizations that support CHSOS-A®)

All Others $250 (USD)

Note that this fee is separate and just covers the application and review of your chsos-a portfolio.

 Questions? Contact the Certification Director

 CHSOS Please complete your payment here when you submit your portfolio

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