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Now Available! The Second Edition (2.1) of the Healthcare Simulation Dictionary!


The Healthcare Simulation Dictionary features a collection of definitions showing how various terms---and their meanings--- are being used in the profession today. The second edition expands on the 127 words of the first as follows:

  • A section on common abbreviations was added, and 27 abbreviations were included
  • 40 new terms were added that were not in the first edition
  • 12 terms were expanded with additional definitions as reflected in the literature  

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The Dictionary has been translated into other languages.  The translated versions are provided here as submitted by those who have completed the translations.  

Version 2.0

German Turkish Hebrew Brazilian Portuguese 2.1 Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia) 2.1


Version 1.0

Chinese Italian Japanese Russian Spanish

If you are interested in translating the current version of the Dictionary, please contact Andrew Spain, Director of Certification.

The Healthcare Simulation Dictionary is designed to enhance communication and clarity for healthcare simulationists in teaching, education, assessment, research, and systems integration activities.

Thank you to the contributors and healthcare simulation societies who over the years dedicated time and expertise to developing and producing the dictionary.

We have all moved to different ways to do simulation at a distance, here is the terminology that is in the literature to help support the correct choice of language when you are doing your distance, remote, and telesimulations. 

These terms will be added to the Dictionary in future versions, for now, you can click here to get the definitions or the below list:

  • Distance Simulation
  • Mental Simulation (definition added)
  • Online Simulation
  • Remote Simulation
  • Remote-controlled Simulation
  • Take-home simulators
  • Take-home simulation
  • Telepresence
  • Telesimulation
  • Virtual Presence

Distance Simulation Addendum

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