Letter from the Editor


Letter from the Editor: A STORM is approaching

The much anticipated STORM is approaching.

I am excited to announce that the Simulation Technology and Operations Resource Magazine (STORM) is well on its way to accepting submissions.

Our editorial board has been selected and we are moving forward quickly to define our content categories to encompass the widest range of expertise within the field of simulation operations. Please begin to take inventory of all the impressive work you do to bring healthcare simulation to life. Reflect on your work/experience/contributions/advances in simulation technology and operations and consider it for publication as a valuable RESOURCE to the simulation community.  

Keep the following content areas in mind when determining which aspects of your great work may be best represented in STORM:

  • Emerging Technologies: Testing, feedback, and instructions for new innovations
  • Policy & Procedure: operational process and improvement
  • Career: Stories about professional development and advancement
  • Training: Novel simulation environments and scenario design

STORM is seeking submissions from simulation operations specialists and all simulationists involved in technical operations for healthcare simulation activities. A call for submissions will be announced sometime in March. All submittals are peer reviewed prior to acceptance and will be published in our electronic magazine using the existing SSH Simulation Spotlight announcements. All inquiries can be sent to storm@ssih.org.

Types of Papers


Emerging Technologies: What new technologies have you made that have improved the field of sim ops, share your methods, and if you have tested it in any way tell us about that?

Policy & Procedure: What new processes have you implemented that you feel are a high standard (exemplar) in simulation operations, and if you have used a quality improvement process tell us about that?

Career: What have you done to develop your career to get where you are today and tell us how that has made you successful, and/or initiated new collaborations?

Training: What have you done to develop and standardize courses, the extent of its impact on patient safety, does it involve assessment, and any eval data you have collected? We want to highlight how essential operations specialists are developing, implementing, and evaluating new, high impact, training courses!

Simply Share your great work!


We look forward to your participation in developing the field of healthcare simulation operations!


David Biffar, MS, CHSOS-A
Editor-in-Chief, STORM