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Submission Instructions

To submit your interest online (you must log-in), check each entry below for specific submission information, or follow these general steps: 
1.     Log-in to with your username and password
2.     Select My SSH, then “Manage My Account”
3.     Select the button labeled “Committee Member Interest form”
4.     Complete the required steps 

Education Committee

The Education Committee leadership is requesting interested individuals who would like to serve as a member of the SSH Education Committee to submit their information for consideration for the open positions. The Education Committee has a high level of responsibility to create and produce educational content specific to healthcare simulation to meet the needs of SSH membership, attendees of IMSH & SimOps, and other projects as needed. To achieve this, the Education Committee works collaboratively with other committees, affinity, and advisory groups within SSH and actively engages in the investigation of educational content needs in the larger world.

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Research Committee

The SSH Research Committee works to support the strategic goals of the Society as it pertains to research and scholarship. The committee is composed of members who represent a spectrum of disciplines with expertise and experience as researchers in healthcare simulation. The Committee will include representation of senior members with established research expertise and qualifications, and mid-career members who have published research findings or secured funding for research-related activities. 


Technology Committee

The SSH Technology Committee has a high level of responsibility to bring healthcare simulation and related technology to the membership of SSH and the attendees of IMSH, SimOps, and other activities conducted by IMSH. 

To achieve this, the Technology Committee works collaboratively with many technology-oriented groups within SSH and actively engages in the investigation of technology and technology-related items in the larger world.

It is essential that interested individuals have the time to commit to the work and being actively engaged. There are no restrictions to becoming a member of the Technology Committee (e.g., work sector). The selections shall be made with due diligence to representation of the healthcare simulation community and to support the range of perspectives and healthcare simulation settings that support the success of the Technology Committee.

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DEI Committee

The SSH Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee supports the strategic goals of the Society as they pertain to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Committee’s focus and work ensures that voices are both represented and heard at every level of SSH - from the Board level and outward through committees, sections, research summits, and the greater simulation community.

The SSH Simulation Code of Ethics specifically references the aspirational value of "Mutual Respect — Exhibit humane behavior, honor diversity, and foster inclusion, avoiding prejudicial treatment.” This Committee is a natural progression and working mechanism of that commitment to the Code.

The Committee is currently searching for two members to join the nine-person group. Requirements include regular attendance of monthly virtual committee calls and a full commitment to helping SSH achieve its DEI goals. To apply, please see above.


Healthcare Simulation Week 2024 Planning Team

Each year, the Healthcare Simulation Week planning team – consisting of three individuals – works with SSH Staff to strategically plan Healthcare Simulation Week, which is held each September the week following September 11. Once planning is complete, the Planning Team then works with and supports SSH Staff with the plan’s execution.

Requirements include regular attendance on bi-weekly calls that begin in March and run through September. Additional calls may be scheduled on an as needed basis. Planning Team members must be current SSH members.

Please see the instructions above for submission instructions.