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Application and Handbook

CHSOS Application Process at a Glance

  1. Review the CHSOS Handbook and confirm your eligibility.
  2. Complete your online application and submit your application fee with the application.
  3. References submit the Confidential Structured Reports of Performance directly to SSH.
  4. Application and references are reviewed by the Certification Committee.
  5. On approval, you will receive an email directly from Iso Quality Testing, Inc. with directions on signing up to take the exam.
  6. On successfully passing the exam, CHSOS certification is granted.

CHSOS Ready to Begin?

CLICK HERE to start your application.  You must be logged in to the SSH System.  If you are not an SSH member, you will need to create a profile (membership is not required to become certified however).  After submitting an application, you can log back in to check on the status of your application. Use the Candidate Login Guide (pdf) to navigate the online application.   

CLICK HERE to check on the status of your application in the CMS (Candidate Management System)

CHSOS Application Fees

Initial application fee:
$395 (USD)
 for SSH members
$495 (USD) for all others

Reexamination fee:
$175 (USD)
 for SSH members 
$275 (USD) for all others

CHSOS Professional References

Three professional references are required. During the application you will enter contact information for your references. They will be emailed a link to the reference form. The Confidential Structured Report of Performance (CSRP) is designed to capture specific information about your performance as a healthcare simulation operations specialist. CSRP forms are returned directly to the Certification Committee, to protect confidentiality of the reporter.

Contact your professional references in advance to ensure they will be able to complete your CSRP in a timely manner. The Reference User Interface Guide (pdf) has useful tips in helping your references navigate the online form.

Sample Confidential Structured Report of Performance (pdf)

Questions?  Contact the Certification Coordinator.

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