CHSOS Application

CHSOS CHSOS® Application Steps

  1. Log in to the SSH website (you must create a profile but you do not need to be a member)
  2. Click over to the Candidate Management System 
  3. Verify demographic information
  4. Complete all tabs; enter all information accurately, ESPECIALLY reference emails
  5. Enter payment information
  6. Submit your application
  7. Application is reviewed
  8. Application is approved and notification sent
  9. Sign up for an exam date/time/location

CHSOS What is required in the CHSOS® Application?

The applicant is required to enter information about the following:

  • Verification of eligibility
  • Demographic information
  • Memberships (in organizations)
  • Professional Experience in Simulation
  • Education History
  • Employment History
  • Continuing Education (over the last 3-4 years)
  • Simulation Experience Narratives (short statements)
  • References (ensure emails are accurate!)
  • Accommodations (including English as second language)
  • Hold Harmless Statement
  • Confidentiality
  • Attestation
  • Payment Information

CHSOS How to Navigate the Application

The application system requires entry of data into multiple sheets.  The navigation is through clicking on the tabs in the system.  Details on navigating the system are in this document (pdf).

CHSOS Professional References

Three professional references are required. During the application you will enter contact information for your references. They will be emailed a link to the reference form. The Confidential Structured Report of Performance (CSRP) is designed to capture specific information about your performance as a healthcare simulation educator. CSRP forms are returned directly to the Certification Council, to protect confidentiality of the reporter.

Contact your professional references in advance to ensure they will be able to complete your CSRP in a timely manner.


First time application only (application fee includes the first examination attempt):
$395 (USD) for members of SSH and other supporting organizations
$495 (USD) for all others

Reexamination fee :
$175 (USD) for members of SSH and other supporting organizations
$275 (USD) for all others

Questions? Contact the Certification Coordinator