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CHSOS Prepare for the Exam

For those taking the test beginning January 26, 2019: download the new CHSOS Examination Blueprint (pdf).

All candidates should dowload these two resources to help them prepare the exam.  Exam Prep Guide    KSA Verb List

The CHSOS Professional Development Worksheet may be a useful resource to help review the Examination Blueprint compared to your own knowledge and skills.

Examination Preparation References (pdf) is a list of references to help you prepare for the examination.  This is a partial list of items used as references for writing the items on the examination. 

CHSOS Practice Exam

SSH offers an optional practice exam.  The questions and answers were written by the same individuals who have written the questions on the actual exams.  In addition, rationales have been provided for these 30-question practice exams that help the individual understand how the questions are written.  The practice exam is not intended to be an indicator of successful passing of the exam.  It is delivered on the same web-based platform as the actual exam, and can be completed from any computer.  It will help the candidate understand the style of questions and the platform used for the exam.  To purchase a practice examination, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the SSH website (if you have not already done so; you can create a profile if needed, SSH membership is not required)
  2. CLICK HERE to acess the certification candidate management system
  3. Click the "Exam Activity" tab
  4. In the drop-down menu for selecting an exam, choose the appropriate practice examination
  5. Click the "Register for the Selected Exam" button
  6. Complete the remaining steps (e.g. verification of information, making payment)

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare does not state or imply that the review methods, techniques, examination review courses, and/or preparatory materials are the best or only means for preparing adequately for the certification examination.  Completing any or all of the suggestions, courses, resources, and other items listed here does not guarantee that any candidate will pass the certification exam.  

CHSOS Scheduling Your Exam

When your application and references have been approved, we will notify the exam company. You will receive an email from ISO-Quality Testing, Inc. with instructions to schedule your exam. You have 90 days to complete the exam. You will be able to choose the date and location of your exam.

Visit the ISO-Quality Testing, Inc. website to schedule your exam. You will need to bring an Admission Letter and photo id to the exam. Review the Exam Registration Process Guide for full information.

 • Sample Admission Letter  (pdf)

CHSOS Testing Locations

Iso-Quality Testing, Inc., has testing centers located in many places throughout the world.  To find locations near you or where you may be traveling, please go to this wepage:  Testing Locations.  Attending IMSH 2019 in San Antonio?  We will have testing available on site.  Submit your application, get approved, and then you can choose the IMSH testing location when you choose a date and time.


SSH has worked with partners to add additional locations for testing.  These locations can be found when selecting your date, time, and location to take the exams.  Additional locations (currently):

  • Doha, Qatar: April 18, and 29; May 02
  • ASPE 2019 Conference (Orlando, FL): June 8
  • SimOps 2019 Conference (Norfolk, VA): July 17

Additional sites will be added as determined to be appropriate.

CHSOS Exam Accommodations

If you need special accommodations to take the exam, these can be requested in the application form (on the appropriate tab). This INCLUDES if you are requesting extended time due to English being your second language.

CHSOS Reexamination

If you were unsuccessful on the CHSOS exam, you make take it again. Candidates may take the examination once every 90 days, and no more than four (4) times in a calendar year. Use the information from the previous exam to determine what further study you need.

In order to re-take the examination click here and submit the request and reexamination fee. You must be logged in to the SSH system.

CHSOS Reexamination Fees

$175 USD (SSH members)
$275 USD (all others)

Questions?  Contact the Certification Coordinator


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