Defining Excellence

Defining Excellence in Healthcare Simulation Programs, 2nd Ed.

Raise your simulation programs to new heights with the fully updated Defining Excellence in Simulation Programs, 2nd edition.

An official publication of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, this fully illustrated guide speaks to the needs of all healthcare professionals using simulation for education, assessment, and research. Offering best practices for a wide variety of programs, it addresses all areas of program management, from staffing, funding, and equipment, to education models.

Whether you are new to running a simulation program, developing a program, or studying simulation, this is your key to creating cost-effective, research-based programs. 

This edition offers:

  • NEW content on International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation (INACSL) and Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) standards of practice 
  • 17 new chapters, with content reorganized to better align with certification exam blueprints
  • A fully illustrated, comprehensive framework for all operational aspects of simulation programs
  • Sections that address:
    • Standards of Practice – SSH, INACSL, and ASPE standards, technology standards, ethics, and more
    • Simulation Modalities – History of modern-day mannequins; mannequin terminology, selection, and usage; and standardized patient/participant 
    • Simulation Methods – In situ, mobile, hybrid, and table top simulation; and the continuum of care 
    • Management – Creating the infrastructure for a successful program, business needs and assets management, policies and procedures, and strategic plans
    • Funding – Sources of revenue, program budgets, business plans, and fee structures
    • Environmental Design – Building a simulation center, technical infrastructure, and more
    • Educational and Content Development – Educator training and simulation methodology courses, assessing learning needs, shared theories, and more
    • Delivery of Simulation – Assessment in healthcare simulation, preparing the learner, management of the scenarios, and more
    • Research – Healthcare simulation research, institutional review board, and more
    • Resources – Terms of references, examples of studies, case and scenario development templates, and more 

Chapter features that include:

  • Expert’s Corner – Commentary on essential areas of training, research, and program development by simulation experts and founders
  • Consider This – Practical how-to’s on critical, related topics
  • Example and Case Study Boxes – Added examples that support chapter content 
  • Terms of Reference – Defines simulation terms and concepts