SSH Accreditation of Healthcare Simulation Programs

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Newly Accredited Simulation Programs


Achieve recognition for your healthcare simulation program

Set your program apart by becoming an SSH Accredited Program. SSH Accreditation is a peer-reviewed, customized evaluation of your healthcare simulation program.  This accreditation examines simulation program's processes and outcomes in assessment, research, teaching/education, and systems integration.

Expanding quality healthcare simulation worldwide

The SSH Council for Accreditation of Healthcare Simulation Programs accredited its first healthcare simulation program in 2010.   There are now over 100 SSH Accredited Programs from 10 countries, and SSH is the largest healthcare simulation accrediting body in the world.  Learn more about Full Accreditation.

The Standards fit any healthcare simulation program

The Standards of Performance were developed with all programs in mind.  The Standards are not prescriptive but instead describe the desired outcomes and processes that are hallmarks of quality healthcare simulation.  SSH Accreditation is designed for simulation programs in:


  • Academic/University settings
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Associations
  • Stand-alone facilities
  • Other educational settings


Provisional Accreditation

If your program is new to simulation, or doesn't have two years of outcomes data to share, consider SSH Provisional Accreditation.  You'll receive constructive feedback from healthcare simulation experts regarding processes and outcome development, validate your simulation program through a peer review process, and much more.

SSH Accredited Programs's Exemplary Practices Webinar

SSH Accreditation Top Ten Questions

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