December Presidential Message > The Society for Simulation in Healthcare

This month I would like to finish describing for you – our members- the last two strategic priorities that your Board of Directors is working on. The first is to increase the depth and breadth of our education offerings. To this end, the Education Committee, under the leadership of Melissa Chan, is completing an educational needs assessment to include an inventory of our current offerings so members can see a tangible value in membership. This includes an analysis to determine if course credits offered through the Society can be applied to licensure requirements, e.g.  annual ethics training, to help members maintain their professional license. The Committee will also look into producing a review guide for certification to help our members preparing for CHSE/CHSOS examinations. This year, the Society initiated online certification readiness courses for members and developed low cost licenses for those programs that would like to run their own readiness courses. Lastly, the Board of Directors is committed to increasing native language educational offerings in print and at IMSH.

The second area of emphasis is to advance research in healthcare simulation. The research committee, under the leadership of Aaron Calhoun, has been working all year on several projects. These include administering the 2019 IMSH peer review science program, conducting a Delphi process to determine the most important questions for simulation researchers to address over the next 5 years, reviewing and funding novice research grants, establishing within SSH the International Simulation Data Registry (ISDR), and completing work on a SSH sponsored book about healthcare simulation research methodology. Our journal, Simulation in Healthcare, continues to deliver high quality science to our members with increasing impact in the field.

In my series of presidential messages to you, I have tried to explain how your Board of Directors and Committees have been busy implementing the seven strategic priorities:

  1.  Strengthen our organizational infrastructure

  2.  Develop an advocacy agenda for healthcare simulation

  3.  Increase the depth and breadth of our educational offerings

  4.  Innovate about the future of IMSH

  5.  Advance simulation in healthcare globally

  6.  Continue to facilitate the publication of research

  7.  Extend the types of accreditations and certifications offered

We have been busy, however, as we end this calendar year, let me say thank you to all of our staff and volunteers who make the Society function and to wish each and every one of our members a happy and enriching New (simulation) Year! 

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