November Presidential Message > The Society for Simulation in Healthcare

I appreciate the opportunity to provide my thoughts regarding where your Society will go in 2020, and beyond.

As a systems and strategic thinker, I ponder what your Society needs to do (better or additionally) to remain relevant to our members, valuable to our community, and influential in our industry both now and in the future. But, what does our "Societal Future" include?

In my idealistic and humble opinion (and building on our 20 years of experience and success), our Societal Future includes collaboration with lawmakers and stakeholders to influence standards of learning and care that improve patient outcomes. Our Societal Future includes advanced opportunities for members who have "maxed out" on our current offerings yet yearn for more.  Our Societal Future includes sharing visionary depictions of new capabilities, so we get the tools and capabilities we need. And, our Societal Future includes a truly international presence that is collaboratively engaged with global partners. Throughout 2020, I intend for your Society to start preparing for this bright Societal Future. 

I think we are well positioned for success in this endeavor. Here's why: Successful societies possess three common traits, as per a recent McKinley Advisors survey.

Grounded in Member Service: These societies foster strong emotional connections with and between their members by ensuring two-way dialogue, delivering strong local value, backing up their words with actions, and maintaining a relentless focus on the member.

Leadership in Action: “Servant leadership” defines the culture of these societies, while a commitment to continuous, data-informed improvement defines the everyday work.

Strategy Drives Success: Strategy is more than a plan — it is the act of making critical decisions. These societies apply discipline to their decision-making process, forecast and plan for the future, and take an intentional and data-informed approach to their product and services portfolio.

Throughout 2020, I assure you we will leverage our 20-year success along with these three core traits to prepare for the future - our Societal Future.

- Bob Armstrong

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