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Excited greetings from your new Director of Certification!

I have had an amazing first month in my new role with the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, and I want to thank our SSH staff, Council members, and candidates who have made me feel so welcome.

For those of you I haven’t met yet, hello!

I come to you from the world of assessment design and delivery, bringing with me over a decade of experience in all phases of test development. I embrace being called a testing nerd and will discuss at length item-level performance, tips for writing high-performing test questions, and how tackling bias in testing does not start and end at the test question level.

Speaking of mitigating bias in testing, I see this as my mission in life and am heavily invested in incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives throughout the test development lifecycle and candidate experience. SSH leadership has been instrumental in seeking out diverse perspectives and championing equitable access. We will continue to grow these initiatives and continually take the next step toward advancing and organizing DEI efforts.

Within the next few months, we have a lot of work happening for the certification programs.

First, the CHSE-A and CHSOS-A applications are due THURSDAY, Sept. 1! And then, starting in September, both the CHSE and CHSOS programs will be undergoing test question writing and approval activities. Beginning in November, the CHSE and CHSOS practice analyses will kick off. This is, approximately, a six-month endeavor including a survey asking your opinion on the core competencies required for each program. (I will be nagging y’all to answer in January!)

Please keep a look out for calls for volunteers as we will need subject matter experts (SMEs) to participate. I firmly believe the quality of all examination development activities is dependent on the involvement of SMEs. We could not maintain fair, valid, and reliable certification examinations without the efforts of our SME volunteers.

In closing, a couple of date reminders. Get geared up for Healthcare Simulation Week 2022! The beginning is right around the corner starting on September 12. The SSH Research Summit will also be here before we know it in January and, of course, I cannot say January without mentioning IMSH 2023 in my home state of Florida! I will be there and looking forward to connecting with as many of you as possible.

Until next time, be excellent to each other!

Rachel Araujo
SSH Director of Certification

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