“Professional accountability requires a self-regulating profession to set and maintain credible, useful standards for its members. Voluntary certification and recertification--evaluation by peers--serves the responsibility of the profession to establish and enforce its own standards.”  -JA Benson

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare, over the last few years, has developed certifications to support healthcare simulation, and the individuals who perform those simulations every day.  This work has been collaboratively with many individuals from around the world, representing many of the simulation societies.  Thank you to all those who have volunteered their time and energy in developing these certifications!

Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist

The CHSOS has now launched in the Pilot Phase.  All eligible individuals are invited to apply to become a CHSOS.  During the Pilot Phase, their is a special incentive rate of $350 (USD) for all applicants.

Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator

The CHSE certification launched in June 2012. Since then, applicants from 15 countries have applied to become a CHSE and over 300 healthcare simulation professionals have become certified! 

Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator-Advanced

CHSE-A is the portfolio-based certification for individuals who are already CHSE, and have progressed in their practice of healthcare simulation into a much more advanced role.  All eligible individuals are invited to build their portfolio and apply to become a CHSE-A once they have become a CHSE and meet the eligibility requirements.

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