ESRC Chair

Elaine C. Meyer, PhD, RN

Dr. Elaine Meyer serves as the Vice-Chair of the External Relations Committee and Associate Editor of Simulation in Healthcare.  She has been a member of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare for 11 years.  In her professional work, she is the Director of the Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice at Boston Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School.  She lives in Providence, Rhode Island.  Her professional interests include patient and family perspectives and priorities, pediatric critical care, models of psychosocial care delivery, communication and relational skills , and humanism in healthcare.  Dr. Meyer is interested in supporting projects that embed challenging healthcare conversations in simulation learning, relationship-centered care, and providing mentorship around interprofessional communication learning.  She has published nearly 100 peer-reviewed publications, presents nationally and internationally, and given a TED Talk entitled  On Being Present, Not Perfect.  Dr. Meyer may be reached at Elaine.meyer@childrens.harvard.edu.

ESRC Vice Chair

Dayna K. Downing MBA, MHA 

Dayna Downing serves as the Chair of the Government Relations Committee. She has been a member of SSH since 2012. In her professional work, she is the program manager of the Center for Clinical Simulation for the health system of Children’s Health. She lives in Dallas, Texas. Her professional interests include operations, leadership, professional practice and ethics, decision-making and systems theory, social justice issues regarding healthcare disparities, and cultural competency. She has been selected to present nationally on systems impacting organizational change, and quality, patient and staff safety. She is interested in supporting other hospital based simulation programs by assisting them in demonstrating value by tying their program initiatives to their larger organizational strategic initiatives. Dayna may be reached by email at: dayna.downing@childrens.com.


External Strategic Relations Committee

The External Strategic Relations Committee shall be responsible for engaging with other organizations, both domestic and international, including other professional societies, associations and networks, healthcare practitioners and providers, the simulation industry, governmental agencies, and the public, to ensure that all Society programming with external partners contributes directly to the fulfillment of the Society’s mission and goals.


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Strategic Partnerships Subcommittee

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