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Simulation: Making the Impossible Possible


You do it every day.  You tackle difficult – sometimes seemingly impossible – challenges as you work to improve patient care through healthcare simulation.  You save lives.  You teach others to save lives.  You make ordinary settings feel like real-life scenarios.  You find a way to make unaffordable solutions affordable, often operating your simulation program on a shoestring.  You advocate daily for simulation as a powerful learning tool in the movement to improve care.  And you manage – day in and day out – to turn difficult and complicated gaps in practice into effective and engaging learning opportunities.  Usually, you have fewer staff than you need, less than optimal resources, challenging timelines, and way too many demands on your time and expertise. 


We want to hear about it.


Tell us YOUR story of how you made an impossible situation – possible.  How did simulation save a life, build a center, or deliver content to a remote location?  How did you make simulation come alive in your organization?  What hurdles did you overcome to bring your sim program to reality.  Tell us a story of something someone said you couldn’t do – but you did it anyway.


The IMSH 2018 Call for Stories in now Open!  Submit your stories so we can inspire others to make something “impossible” – POSSIBLE!  We’re looking for your:


  • Administrative triumphs
  • Technological feats
  • Educational innovations
  • Financial breakthroughs


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We’d like to share your “Making the Impossible Possible” experience with our entire healthcare simulation community!  Selected stories will be displayed on our website.  In addition, several of the stories submitted may be included in our “Stories” Plenary Session on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.  The popular and inspirational IMSH “Stories” presentation showcases transformative experiences in sim.  Tell us your story today!

SSH Office of Continuing Education - Phone 866-730-6127


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