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SimOps 2019 Request for Proposal

Description of SSH SimOps Regional Education Conference

The SSH SimOps Regional Education Conference is focused on providing education and training to healthcare simulation professionals engaged in the operational technologies and management of healthcare simulation. The conference is aimed at providing attendees with a comprehensive menu of basic to advanced levels of integration of simulation technology and information to further develop technological and operational advances within a simulation program. The program proposes a variety of engaging sessions that include keynote and large group presentations, interactive workshops, and technology specific workshops aimed at providing specific, immersive education and training. 

The SSH SimOps Regional Education Conference will be a two day meeting, with the option for pre and post-conference courses, that will offer educational content as well as interactive training on different platforms. The SSH Simulation Operations Technology Section (SOTS) has identified a need for simulation technology-specific education and training that is accessible and affordable to simulation technologists in targeted regions. Content development is tailored to meet the needs of this population.

Important update and clarification:
Although the RFP includes a request for plenary space to accommodate up to 350 attendees, this is not a mandatory requirement. We understand that additional spaces such as medical centers, hotels, etc may be utilized to accommodate this requirement. 

Reason for RFP

Based on the desire to take a balanced approach to building a strong program that considers realistic expectations and value, SSH believes partnership with local simulation centers allows the opportunity to provide focused education to a targeted audience. The SSH SimOps Regional Education Conference has the opportunity to provide quality educational and training benefits to the target population and geographic region while allowing for partnership with simulation programs across the country. 

Download the full RFP PDF below. 

SimOps 2019 RFP

Please complete application by November 17, 2017 and email final version to:
Sara Kagarise
Educational Program Coordinator
Continuing Education Office
Society for Simulation in Healthcare


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