The Society for Simulation in Healthcare Board of Directors is pleased to inform the membership that as a result of your participation, the proposed 2015 Bylaws have been approved.  2015 Bylaws (pdf)

Number of Members Required to Vote     1023
Number of Members Voting  
Number of Members Voting to Approve Proposed Bylaws  
Number of Members Voting Against Proposed Bylaws  
Number of Members Abstaining Proposed Bylaws  
Percentage of Affirmative Votes Required to Adopt the Proposed Bylaws  
   2/3 majority or 66%
Percentage of Affirmative Votes                  
The Board is encouraged that so many members took the time to make their voices heard, through review, discussion and the voting itself. Some members expressed concern about either the content or the process. The Board reviewed each concern and made a number of changes based on suggestions from the members. Some of those suggestions were not appropriate for the Bylaws, but will be incorporated in the appropriate policies and procedures of the Society. We encourage continued input and feedback from our members. We appreciate having so many of you engaged as we continue the good work of the Society. Thank you!
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