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You know better than most just how important a personal recommendation is in healthcare.


It especially holds true when it comes to choosing professional development activities - which events to attend, which credentials to obtain, and which standards to uphold, etc. You all listen to each other. You know that. We know that.

However, recommendations from people we know aren’t just valued in our industry’s space.

According to the 2021 Nielsen Trust in Advertising Study, a whopping 89 percent of consumers at the time said they completely or somewhat trusted “Recommendations from people I know” - putting that channel ahead of branded websites (84%), television ads (78%), television program product placements (74%) and advertising/opinions about brands/product placement from general influencers (71%).

As I think about that first figure - that roughly nine out of 10 consumers were willing to purchase a product or “thing” simply because they trust people they know - it further solidifies what I’ve believed for a long time: The people who champion SSH and everything it includes are our most important marketing resource. The Society depends on you continuing to share your great experiences at SSH events, and we know you are. (We know a growing number of past IMSH attendees are willing to recommend IMSH and the IMSH Exhibit Hall to someone as the Net Promoter Score we track has increased each year since I joined the SSH Staff in 2019.)

So, in that light, many of you have already registered for IMSH 2024 in San Diego, Jan. 20-24, and I would humbly, but passionately, ask that you share that commitment with your social media networks and groups. We have different easy ways for you to get that done!

- If you’re attending IMSH, click here.

- If you’re exhibiting at IMSH 2024, click here.

- And, if you’re presenting at IMSH 2024, click here.

Download the graphic you need, and then copy the following:

I’ll be at #IMSH2024. Join me!

Paste that sentence into a post. Add the graphic. Hit enter, and boom! You’re set!

All of this will take less than a minute and, collectively, your efforts will help continue to swell the momentum wave we’ve seen already. Keep talking about SSH and IMSH. Keep letting your people know about the amazing collection of resources, education, events, volunteer opportunities, discussion group places, and other ways SSH provides you to be thought leaders and influencers in the healthcare simulation space.

Thank you so much for helping push the SSH and IMSH footprint and making an ever-increasing number of healthcare professionals aware. And, remember why IMSH is poised to push records again as the world’s largest and best healthcare simulation event. The reason?


See you in San Diego soon!

Curtis Kitchen, CAE
SSH Director of Marketing

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