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Don Combs


Vice Chair

Jennifer Calzada


Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee shall be responsible for developing the annual Society budget, and reviewing and authorizing internal and external financial audits as required by applicable laws or as otherwise deemed necessary to effectively provide oversight for the Society’s financial status and integrity. The Finance and Audit Committee shall provide financial reports, recommendations, and guidance to the Board of Directors. 

Call To Service:

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all members of the Society who have expressed interest in financial planning and oversight to apply for three open positions on the Finance & Audit (F&A) Committee Investments Working Group. The F&A Committee, and its working groups, are comprised of members who represent a spectrum of expertise and experience in healthcare simulation, including financial management.
The Investment Working group will be responsible for reviewing the SSH investment portfolio on a quarterly basis to ensure compliance with SSH policy. All meetings will be via teleconference so, no travel is required. 
If you are interested in becoming a member of the F&A Committee Investments working group, I request that you include a brief, focused CV (<300 words with your online submission) to convey your interest in serving..  The term of service is one (1) year with an option of reappointment. 
Please email any requests, comments or questions to or to

Our timelines are:

May 31: Closing date for submission of interest 
June 14: Confirmation of new members

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Committee and Commission members must keep their SSH membership active during their service term.

Apply Today!*

*To apply for service, you must be logged into your SSH account and be an SSH Member.


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