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Research Committee

Welcome to the research home page of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). This area is maintained by the SSH Research Committee – from SSH members for SSH members. Our goal is to provide useful information and resources to assist you in your research and scholarly activities. Below you will find free materials that describe the craft of research as well as links to funding opportunities, courses and much more.

We recognize that the lists provided below are not exhaustive, and welcome contributions.  Should you find a web link, written information, or other research-related resource that you believe would benefit the membership of the society, please send it to the Chair of the Research Committee along with a brief description of its potential value.  We have striven to respect copyright and intellectual property considerations during our data gathering process.  If you become aware of a violation, please notify us and we will correct it immediately.  It is our hope that these materials will be of benefit to the Society and the field.  Best wishes,

The SSH Research Committee

Mission and Visions

The Committee Bylaws



1.Develop and promote recommendations for research on simulation-based practice, education in the facilitation of patient safety, especially with regard to describing, verifying, and publishing simulation-based research.

2.Advocate for improvement and availability of simulation-based research settings for research on and with simulation.

Research Committee Governance

Sharon Muret-Wagstaff, PhD, MPA
Emory University School of Medicine
Michelle Kelly, PhD MN BSc RN
Vice Chair
Curtin University
Kathryn Ellen Adams, MA
Staff Committee Liaison
Society for Simulation in Healthcare




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