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The Certification Council is very pleased to announce the addition of the Prometric testing network to the list of available testing centers around the world*.  This is a great addition and supports individuals in getting certified around the world.  For more information, go to the CHSE examination page or the CHSOS examination page.  *Note--the EU sites are still pending addtional security measures before being available.

NEW! The CHSE® and CHSOS® practice exams have been updated and expanded.  Older/out of date questions have been removed.  And the number of questions has been expanded to 50 questions on the practice exams.  All questions have annotations that can be reviewed on completion, and as always, the practice exam is on the same platform as the actual exam--and the questions were written by the same individuals with the same process as the real exams.

The CHSE® is being translated into Spanish!  Currently, the plan is to release this on March 01, 2020.  More information to come.

Work is underway to create a new certification--the CHSOS-A™ !  This is exciting news and supports the professional growth and recognition of those in the Operations Specialist role.  The target is for the pilot to be in the first half of 2020.

SSH Certification Vision and Mission

Vision: The vision of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Certification Council is to foster excellence in healthcare simulation internationally through certification. 

Mission: The mission of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Certification Council is to promote competence, recognition, and development of healthcare simulationists through standards and processes for certification within the global healthcare simulation community.

Why Certify?

  • Receive formal professional recognition of your specialized knowledge, skills, abilities and accomplishments in simulation education.
  • Confirm your commitment to continued professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Receive international recognition for your professional accomplishments
  • Demonstrate your skills and specialized knowledge to employers, practitioners and the public
  • Join over 2000 healthcare simulationists from 37 countries who have become certified!

Benefits of Certification

  • Improves healthcare simulation education through the identification of best practices and recognition of practice
  • Improves healthcare simulation education through providing standardization and a pool of knowledge of best practices
  • Strengthens patient safety efforts through support of simulation modalities
  • Provides external validation of individual educator knowledge, skills, and attitudes
  • Strengthens organizational, community, and learner confidence in the quality of education
  • Garners local support, resources, and commitment
  • Fosters a feedback loop between education and practice
  • Encourages performance improvement and knowledge expansion of the individual educator
  • Programs with certified simulation professionals receive a competitive edge in the community, program offerings, and grant funding
  • Recognizes expertise in simulation above and beyond domain expertise

Supporting Organizations

The following organizations support CHSE®, CHSOS®, and CHSE-A®


Magnet Recognition Program®

The CHSE® certification is included in the Magnet Recognition Program’s Demographic Data Collection Tool as a certification that Magnet recognizes, and applicant organizations can itemize the CHSE® in their demographic reports of nurse certifications.

Contact the Certification Coordinator with any questions

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare is an organizational member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence

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