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What a great time to be in SSH!


I say that as a followup to a LinkedIn post I made recently - one that drew far more engagement than I expected! 

As many of you read, SSH, in its 20th anniversary year, is showing remarkable, strong growth across many core facets of our organization. From expanding membership and educational offerings to increased SSH Accreditation and SSH Certification applications, the momentum is palpable. Truly, it is impossible to miss the positive energy flowing through the society!

In that, I’m also stoked to report the SSH Marketing Department is equally energized as we gear up to elevate the SSH brand in several ways, including amplifying our earned media efforts and social media presence. Some of these ideas had to wait their turn, while others are new but coming at the right time. Everything is directly anchored to the SSH Board’s Strategic Plan, which, for my money, might be the most exciting aspect of it all. (As an 11-year association professional, I don’t take that last part lightly as that isn’t always the case, believe it or not.)

For you all, it means now is the perfect time to join the Society for Simulation in Healthcare or deepen your engagement with SSH. Here's why:


- Leading the Way: You may have seen SSH recently announce, in collaboration with the Society for Simulation in Europe (SESAM), the release of the "Global Consensus Statement on Simulation-Based Practice in Healthcare." This groundbreaking statement, developed also in collaboration with representatives from 50 simulation societies across 67 countries, underscores the transformative power of simulation in healthcare education, training, and practice. This statement is a centering piece for all healthcare simulation professionals to take into their own circles and let it proudly illustrate that, according to the opening line, “Simulation plays a pivotal role in addressing universal healthcare challenges, reducing education inequities, and improving mortality, morbidity, and patient experiences.”

Also in a leading role, SSH Accreditation now has more than 250 simulation programs in its accredited portfolio, and as of May 2024, more than 4,800 healthcare simulation professionals had obtained an SSH Certification. NOBODY is doing it better or bigger in their areas than those programs, and they're just getting started!  

- Research and Advocacy: SSH Leadership is committed to advancing healthcare simulation through the goals of creating of a comprehensive research agenda and developing and implementing an advocacy agenda built to promote the field. By joining SSH, you can contribute to shaping policies and practices that will transform healthcare delivery worldwide in those areas.

- Exceptional Learning Opportunities: SSH Education’s diverse and inclusive programs, including the upcoming SimOps 2024 conference, July 17-19, in Aurora, Colorado, offer cutting-edge content and innovative delivery methods to meet your evolving needs. Of course, the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare - the 25th! - will be January 10-14, 2025, in Orlando, Florida, and should be planned as a can’t-miss event.

- Strong(er) Community: SSH is more than an organization; it's a thriving, global, 5,000+ community of passionate healthcare simulation professionals. Connect, collaborate, and learn from the best in the field at events and also through SSH Sections, Special Interest Groups, Affinity Groups, and on SimConnect!


With those things in mind, also mark your calendar for Healthcare Simulation Week 2024, Sept. 16-20! Celebrate with us through this year’s “Launchpad to Legacy: What’s YOUR Next?” theme as we reflect on our achievements, yes, but also look ahead to the next chapter of healthcare simulation and what you all have as your next goals! As you check out the official store, put your pin on the map, and share your events for the week, I ask that you also please share your goals and aspirations on social media using #hcsimweek24. I know the #hcsimweek24 Planning Team would love to hear and amplify them!

I wrap this with even more enthusiasm than I started writing with. Healthcare Simulation, and SSH’s purpose “… to serve a global community of practice enhancing the quality of healthcare,” feels incredibly alive, and I can’t wait to see what the near, mid, and long-term healthcare future holds for all through the innovative, passionate work you all continue to create. You’re amazing.

Thank you, and I look forward to your awesome, continued help in telling the SSH and healthcare simulation story. 


Curtis Kitchen, CAE
SSH Director of Marketing

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