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Dr Mostafa Elbaba

Elbaba PictureDr Mostafa Elbaba is a pediatrician & pediatric nephrologist. He is graduated from Ain Shams University of Egypt in 1989. He is currently based in Qatar since June, 2011 in Hamad Medical Corporation & its affiliated Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar (since 2012). Dr Elbaba is invited for a co-chair position of the pediatric simulation of Hamad General Hospital in 2016. Beside his medical qualifications, he is also qualified in many other disciplines. In the medical education science; he has post-graduate certificate (2014) & master degree in medical education (2015) from university of Cincinnati, USA. He is a certified healthcare simulation educator (CHSE) since 2015 from the SSH (Society for Simulation in Healthcare). Furthermore, he is a member of the CHSE Exam Readiness Review which is a sub-group of the Education Committee of the Society in 2016. He is finally elected for the leadership position in SSH as chair of pediatric section (2018). The area of interest of Dr Elbaba is teaching and in particular the simulation-based education in pediatric. He has great contributions mainly as a designer in educational and simulation activities reflected to many posters and talks in conferences as well as high quality workshops and faculty professional development courses. Although he is quite interested in the research work, his publications are minimal. Many data analysis, review of literatures; statistical analysis and formulation of the abstracts were done and presented in conferences. He is the founder of Mobile Pediatric Simulation (MPS). Also he is the owner of many websites for educational purposes that were gathered in 2016 to one educational platform; “The Pediatrics Academy”. He designed and running six e-learning courses up-to-date.

Vice Chair

Benny Joyner MD MPH


As a provider in pediatric critical care medicine, my clinical and research focus has been discovering methods for delivering the best care to critically ill children. With this in mind I have engaged in research and educational endeavors that would work toward improving quality of medical delivery and patient safety for the most susceptible of all of our patients-critically ill pediatric patients.  Whether it has been working as an advocate for improved communication and teamwork within the clinical environment or developing a repository for respiratory specimens collected on intubated, critically ill children, the common thread has been the endeavors leading to the improved care of critically ill children.

For the past several years, my clinical and research activities have allowed me to develop an active collaboration with faculty in other disciplines and other schools to explore ways to improve medical education or improve communication between medical care providers and their patients. Additionally, situated at a tertiary care medical center allows me the opportunity to access the most up-to-date information, medical therapies and medical research technologies.  This access affords opportunities to refine my research focus and further hone my interests.

Pediatric Section

Marjorie White

Vice Chair:
Daniel Lemke

 Welcome to Pediatrics Section Homepage

The Pediatric SIG became a Section in January 2014.

1. Continue relationship with simulation industry partners to improve simulation technology for pediatric specific
2. Work to improve opportunities for research and scholarship dissemination for pediatric simulationists


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