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Andrew Nevins


Vice Chair

Kimberly Patterson

Standardized Patient Special Interest Group


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Association of Standardized Patient Educators:
ASPE is the international organization for professionals in the field of simulated and standardized patient methodology. ASPE has a reciprocal arrangement with SSH for discounted annual membership fee with first membership in the other association.


ASPE e-News: Keep up on what’s what in the world of SPs with the newsletter of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators. Read about new trends in technology, educational research, SP educator activities, certification programs, conferences, and more, as collated using MultiBriefs. 

SP Trainer Listserv: Membership in this robust, lively listserv is free and connects you to hundreds of SP Educators around the world. Visit the link above for information on how to subscribe and listserv guidelines.

The annual UIC Certificate Program in Standardized Patient Based Education provides faculty and SP/simulation educators with the knowledge and skills to create compelling educational programs using standardized patients (SPs), alone and in combination with other Simulation modalities. Located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, programs include a one-week intensive program in the fall as well as several 2-day workshops throughout the year.
Training and Using Standardized Patients in Teaching and Assessment, an annual 4.5 day medical education workshop started in the 1990's by Howard Barrows, MD, and designed to teach participants to recruit, train, and supervise the performance of SPs as well as to develop cases and assessment materials for use in both teaching and assessment. Generally scheduled during spring each year, this workshop is held at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, Illinois, USA.

The SP Affinity Group became a Special Interest Group in April 2013

The purpose of the SSH’s Standardized Patient SIG is to promote, educate, and support the use of Standardized/Simulated Patients (SPs) in all types of simulation supporting the goals of SSH in healthcare education, assessment and research. 

· State of the Art evidence-based, research-based SP Education methodology published in SSH journal.
· Define standardized/simulated patient/participant terminology, methodology, and best practices, as the experts in the field.
· Advise and educate members of healthcare systems that are interested in standardized patients/simulated patients.
· Provide recommendations for high quality training/simulation.
· Provide expertise and knowledge to support and develop SP programs, hybrid simulation, design and management of simulation events.

Did you know:

· The SP Educational Methodology is over 50 years old, and has been simulation-based from its inception.
· All SP encounters are simulations, but can be either standardized or based on what unfolds in real time. SP use is flexible, and varies from institution to institution.
· Over 3,000 articles have been published on SP-based scholarship and research.
· As our educational methodology develops to include a wider variety of participants in formative and/or summative simulations:
      · The “SP” can be a trained patient, a simulated family member, or any of the variety of participants in simulations referred to as “confederates”: medical technician, nurse, medical student, or physician.
      · SP Educators are deans, physicians, program directors, trainers, and the simulated participants.

Don’t forget that:
Communication skills are not soft skills: we are all involved in simulations that revolve around who said what to whom, how, and when, regarding a patient’s care.  Communication is the foundation for effective patient care, not to mention Patient Safety!

Need help writing, training and testing a case template?
Need tips for screening and training your Simulated Participant, whether it be a MD, nurse, medical technician, or lay person?
Unable to standardize your faculty to be simulated participants in scenarios, or for teaching and assessment?
Need a mentor?

You are not alone!
Join the SP SIG today online and contact us for resources and answers to your questions about preparing and managing your simulations.



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