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The International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana USA

January 10-14, 2015


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Great Hall B, First Floor

The Spectrum of Innovation Showcases will feature the latest in innovative interventions for healthcare simulation from around the world, highlighting four key areas ranging from low cost and low resource modifications to high technologically sophisticated innovations.


Showcase Presenters may begin setting up on Tuesday, January 13 at 10:00 AM.  Each presenter will be provided a skirted, six-foot table and access to electrical power.

Booth Assignments
Upon your arrival at IMSH, all Showcase Presenters are asked to stop by the IMSH Presenter Center to receive specific booth assignments in the Showcase.  Thank you!

Entry Categories
1. Low Cost Innovation Showcase
Creating powerful simulation-based education does not have to come with a high price tag. Present your innovative low-cost alternatives developed to provide high-impact learning at an affordable cost. Share your cost effective design process from educational objectives to accessible simulation tools!
2. Innovations for Low Resource Environments Showcase
Does your program provide the opportunity and resources to experience simulation-based learning in low-resource environments? Share the details of your innovative program, the equipment used, and the challenges you faced to accomplishment your achievements.
3. High Tech Innovation Showcase
Have you taken the next step in applying innovative technology to your simulation program? Then this is your forum to “shock and awe” your colleagues with your no holds barred, price is no object, simulation solutions. Share your achievements by presenting your high technology applications and your novel and innovative ideas and devices.
4. Innovative Modification Showcase
Modified your off the shelf simulation technology lately? Have you created innovative work arounds to fix and enhance your existing equipment including mannequin-based simulators, part task trainers, communication technologies, audiovisual equipment, learning management systems, and any of the other innovative things you are doing to enhance technical operations. Then share your innovative modifications (tech mods) with others. Eligible entries include the fixes, work-arounds, enhancements and modifications you’ve created.
Acceptance will be based on the entry’s relevance, utility and of course Innovation.

Presentation Details
The Spectrum of Innovation will be held on Tuesday afternoon, January 13, 2015, during IMSH 2015. Space will be provided for demonstration. Accepted entrants are responsible for bringing demonstration materials, i.e. laptops, video, equipment, etc. Standard electrical power and a small table will be provided.

Showcase Submissions CLOSED

NOTIFICATION DATE: November 3, 2014

Entry Components
• Entry Overview
• Detailed Description
• Project objectives
• Disclosure of relevant financial relationships

Annual SG & VE Arcade & Showcase (pdf)
Spectrum of Innovation Showcase (pdf)
Showcase FAQ (pdf)
SG & VE Sponsorship Information (pdf)
Call for Peer Reviewers
Course and Abstract Submissions are Closed

Who is Eligible to Submit to the Showcase?
Healthcare simulation educators and practitioners who are developing or implementing innovations to improve healthcare simulation tools, techniques and strategies.
• Non-profit organizations and grant-funding agencies working to support the use of simulation.
• Individuals who are developing new solutions, including those who are plan on distributing their ideas as open-source resources as well as those who are in the process of creating commercial products or services. NOTE: full disclosure must be made. The Spectrum of Innovation Showcase is not available for direct promotional activity.

NOTE: The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) strongly recommends that users of simulation-based learning equipment consult with manufacturers regarding equipment warranty and/or repair policies prior to making any modification.

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